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Boys Update!

Last week I wrote a post about how Sabreena was having her first boy/girl birthday party and how I was freaking out about it. If you missed it you can read it HERE. The party was this past Saturday. Sabreena had 4 boys over from 4pm-8pm and 3 girls who slept over. The party went better than I thought but man are 14 year old boys immature and have weird hair (story for another time). LOL. Heck I guess 35 year old men like me are immature. LOL.  Anywho, the party went well and I didn’t have to threaten any boys. 

I guess this is the first of many boy/girl parties that Sabreena will have/attend. I know Melinda and I raised Sabreena to make smart educated decision so we will be just fine.