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The 9 by Design Family is Cool!

Bravo is awesome! They really know how to search for just the right stories, just the right families and just the right situations to grab someone’s attention.

9 by Design is one of their newer shows that features a family and their decorating business. Sounds boring huh? Not even a little bit. Husband and Wife design business owners Bob and Courtney (hottie mom!) Novogratz who moved to NYC and started a business “flipping” disaster buildings into uniquely gorgeous homes for their family. The homes were so beautiful that they get offers to purchase or rent it for crazy profitable amounts there is no way they can refuse. So moving they go, again with kids in tow.

Their life seems hectic and hurried and messy but they seem to have a knack for keeping the children calm and “normal”. With a successful business one thing that is most important is their children. They focus their designs and remodels in the same community so the kids don’t change schools. Mom cheers when she sees her new dining room table so they can eat as a family again. “It’s the ugly times that are the most exciting and the most fun” says Courtney about the challenges they face with family and business.

The kids have the coolest names too
Oldest son Wolfgang “Wolfie”
Twin girls Bellamy and Tallulah
Son Breaker
Twin boys Holleder and Five
And the newest addition, little cutie pie Major

Whatever your thoughts on their personal ventures and parenting style you have to admire the “started from nothing” success they have achieved and the desire to be happy healthy family.

Catch 9 by Design, 10 p.m. ET/PT on Tuesdays on Bravo.

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