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Bachelorette Party Fun

yes we served penis shaped pasta salad!

Have you ever planned a bachelor or bachelorette party?  I’ve been to some nice, calm, tame get togethers but I’ve also attended and planned some raunchy gatherings too.

I recently watched an old home video of my friend’s bachelorette party from over 10 years ago. I planned this party and wanted it to be a night to remember. I remember going over all the details; naughty party favors, edible treats, sexy photos plastered on the wall, gag adult toys and of course a semi-hot stripper; they’re never as hot as their photo. The best part of the whole night was the laughter. Get a bunch of tipsy, loud and foul-mouthed ladies together and you can imagine where the conversation goes. I have us on film talking about sex, size, trashing the semi-hot stripper, rolling eyes at the annoying drunk girl across the room and more. It’s dark but you can even see the “dancer” grinding up on unsuspecting but totally willing guests.

The night was a ton of fun and I think the gag gifts and props really made it as successful as it was. I can’t wait to invite my friend over to watch this with her; she forgot I had a video camera going on that night. For your next bachelorette party, girls night out or just because you need to stock on some fun adult toys, games and much more check out EdenFantasys.

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