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Home Makeover Needed

We’ve all seen the show; a crew comes in, remodels a room and leaves you in drunken state of pure bliss over all the newness. I want to experience that bliss too! I want a home makeover. No I don’t want a new home or a complete overhaul of every single thing we own but some creative styling and design sense would be fantastic.

Living Room – new sofas and chairs and window coverings. The tables, cabinetry and television are new so there is no need to replace them but the sofas are gross! We also have a HUGE beanbag, that has to stay.
Kitchen – an island would be so helpful. Our counter space is limited as well as the storage. The problem is we have a huge kid’s kitchen in the way, need to figure out the logistics of the dining area to fit everything in; maybe a built in bench
Bathrooms – a good paint job would be nice
Master Bedroom – I would love a room that made me feel relaxed and had furniture that actually reflected who we are today not 10 years ago. Also I never realized how much I loved a headboard. I’ve been wanting to upholster ours but don’t know where to begin, so we have nothing.
Kids Rooms – I would love for Sabreena to get some “forever furniture”, you know that stuff that she can take with her when she’s all grown up. The other two just need some organization and layout help.
Garage – this is Rob’s space. An Ultimate Overhaul would be sweet. Right now it’s a mess, patio furniture teetering on each other, kids gear overflowing and mismatched storage shelves.

I don’t think I’m really asking for much, well maybe a little.