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I Was a Millionaire Hairdresser Living In A Mobile Home Tonight

Tonight the whole family played The Game of Life.  Recently Sabreena, Shaun and Shae have been playing and tonight Melinda and I joined in on the fun.

I haven’t played Life in probably 20 years and had forgotten how many rules were involved.  Thank goodness Sabreena and Shaun knew the rules and helped us along.  I hope they didn’t trick me and Melinda. LOL.   Tonight Shae lasted about four turns before she bailed and watched cartoons.   Before she bailed she did get married and the funny thing is she put her husband in the very back row of the car and kept saying “Yeah I got married and I put my husband in the back seat.”  That is her green car below and the blue stick is her husband in the very back seat.

I started the game as a police officer but lost my job and became a hairdresser.  I lived in a mobile home and at one point had the most money in the game.  I was a millionaire hairdresser living in a mobile home and for the first time in my life felt good.

I finished the game last with 1.4 million dollars as I was plaque with lawsuits and a few other crazy expenses.  Sabreena finished first with about 1.9 million followed by Shaun then Melinda.  So for a brief moment I was flying high but in the end finished dead last.  Melinda said it was because I was the only one who didn’t go to college and started a career instead.

So tonight for a little while we put our real lives on hold to play the Game of Life which was a lot of fun.


  1. Oh life sounds fun. I also haven’t played in years. Too funny about putting her hubby in the backseat. Sounds like you all enjoyed a family game night

  2. Sounds like a fun night!

  3. One of my favorite games!

  4. That looks really fun. I love, love, love board games, and I haven’t played this game in forever!


  5. We love playing games as a family, I hope as the kids get older we’re still able to stop and do things like this together!

  6. Hey $1.4M is still a lot of money. Thought about running away with that money? Its a lot of fun to be last with kids.

  7. The title just drew me in. That does sound like fun. I think I’ll enjoy family game nights when our kids are older.

  8. Now that’s a message to us all. We can hit the skids and then rebound big time! LOL, love that game!

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