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A Whole Different World

Rob and took a walk the other day, a walk we’ve never taken before. We usually take a quick drive to the convienence store for milk, sandwiches and things like that. The road we take is pretty desolate and rundown but I never really gave it much thought. We walked that route today as a way to get a little exercise and run an errand. I was shocked on the walk. One thing is there isn’t always a shoulder on the road; it’s a 2 lane road that cars drive fast on. Second, it was gross. I was so shocked at the litter and debris and graffiti. When I think about where we live I like to think it’s a pretty good area but when I stroll 1/2 mile down the road into Maryland it’s like a whole different world. I felt like I was walking through a rough urban area, a warzone almost.

trash along the road

yup more trash

long lonely road

dump of party trash

train tracks

muddy side of the road

urban art

busy dangerous road-yeah we walked it