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Despite Their Age!

I don’t care what my kids say they are close and love each other to death even thought they seem to argue, bicker and fight frequently.

This picture is from a few weeks ago but since that night Shaun and Shae ask to have a sleep over almost every night. They had one over the weekend and another one last night.  I have no idea why they want to sleep on the floor when they have perfectly comfortable twin beds but who am I to tell them what surface they should sleep on.   All I can assume is that they love each other and like spending time together.  Funny thing was last night Melinda asked if I remembered Sabreena and Shaun having sleep overs when Shaun was Shae’s age.  I do and it is funny Shaun and Shae are now having them.

Yes Sabreena gets tired of Shaun and Shae and Shaun drives Sabreena nuts and fights with Shae and Shae annoys both Sabreena and Shaun but at the end of the day I know they love each other and are there for each other.  When I see Sabreena playing and hugging Shaun and Shae it wants to make me cry because it shows me what kind of kids Melinda and I raised.  Loving ones who hopefully as they become adults and move through the world will still have a close bond that siblings should have no matter what.

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