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Eight Years Ago

He was so little at one point he shared a bed with mommy and daddy. Today he’s so big I’d fall down trying to pick him up. His smile always charms. His eyes melt my heart. His love and compassion for his sisters is overwhelming even when they fight. He’s funny, goofy, sweet, tender and kind. He loves his family and cherishes get-togethers that celebrate anything. Some days he wants kisses and cuddles and some days he runs out the door with a yelled “See ya later”.

Eight years ago we welcomed our sweet little baby boy with his tiny toes and round bald head. Today he’s not a baby; he’s a boy growing into a man. Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy.

just 1 week old

throw me some beads

happy 2 year old

3 yo daredevil

i'm not listening

all smiles

1st day of school

cheesing it up!

my big boy