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Whatcha Doing This Weekend? iPad and $50 AMEX GC Giveaway

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Goby.com is an activity search engine that is a great tool for families, travelers, adventure seekers and more. No matter where you live or where you are going check in for new activities, destinations, restaurants, museums or whatever you like to do. I found a really unique event local to me that would be great for new parents; a stroller tour at the Art Museum. This is something I normally wouldn’t know about but Goby.com is a great resource and it is a must visit site for everyone.

Using their Family Fun feature is the easiest way to find the things closest to you and in a specified time frame. If your weekendis open just choose “this weekend” and you’ll get a list of things that are on-going and exclusive for those days. Date Night is another cool reason to use Goby.com. Visit a cool winery or jazz club that is running a special on drinks.

Download the new goby app for iPod Touch/iPhone app so you have access to over 6 million adventures at any time.

Win a new iPad 2 or a $50 AMEX Gift Card just by using Goby.com. Use the what, where when fields on the homepage to find and adventure near you. Post the link in the comments of this blog along with why you chose your adventure. Here are my search results http://www.goby.com/spas–near–wilmington-de/date-this-weekend

ipad-giveawayEXTRA ENTRIES:
To receive these extra opportunities for entries, you must fulfill the first REQUIRED entry above. Please note the changes to the entries and frequency, entries that don’t follow rules will be disregarded/ignored/deleted.

  • SHARE this giveaway on your Facebook wall, leave your FB name (use widget at top of post)
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  • Download the NEW goby app for iPod Touch/iPhone, forward your emailed receipt to emily (at) goby.com tell her LookWhatMomFound…andDadtoo! sent you! (5 extra entries toward the iPad)

Your entries must follow the rules or they won’t be eligible for prizes. This contest ends 11:59 pm, Wednesday, June 15, 2011. The winners will be chosen at random and will be contacted by email.  Winners will  This contest is open to Continental US residents only. For complete rules please read our contest rules page.



I Disclose

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  1. Anissa says:

    My husband loves this magazine and enjoys going to the Maker Day!

  2. did it! how cool. I love this!

  3. I like u both on fb. amy bolda pugmire

  4. Sharon says:

    I really like this site! Here’s my adventure link: http://www.goby.com/bighorn-pass–near–gardiner-mt/e-814811#source=visitmt.com

  5. Sharon says:

    I like you and Goby on facebook and I liked this post too (Rust Hawk).

  6. Sharon says:

    I like you, dad, and goby on twitter and tweeted http://twitter.com/rusthawk/status/69390564189151232

  7. D Schmidt says:

    Visited Goby, completed the What,Where, When and my results are:



  8. D Schmidt says:

    Like both you and Goby on Facebook and liked this post! (D Schmidt)

  9. D Schmidt says:
  10. trishden says:

    Hello, I went to Goby and typed in the who, what, where and came up with this for live music:
    I choose this adventure because it is close to home and my husband loves to see live music. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  11. Julie H says:
  12. Julie H says:

    I like you both on facebook and liked this post:)

  13. Kimberly says:

    This would be fun (but not with the kids!): http://www.goby.com/wasatch-crest–near–salt-lake-city-ut/e-225274#source=dirtworld.com
    Gorgeous biking trail!
    kcoud33 at gmail dot com

  14. Kimberly says:

    Like you both on facebook & like this post
    kcoud33 at gmail dot com

  15. Kimberly says:

    Follow you all on twitter (@kcoud33) & tweeted: http://mobile.twitter.com/kcoud33/status/69405671321378816
    kcoud33 at gmail dot com

  16. Christa E. says:


    My husband and I would love to go shopping here just to get away from our small town and feel normal. We’re not goth or anything like that, but we are definitely not small town. Gah, this comment sounds ignorant. Ignore that. :-p

  17. Danielle E. says:

    I found the WV geological museum. I picked this because my parents will be in town and I was looking for some close items to do that they would enjoy.


  18. Christa Edmonds says:

    I liked LookWhatMomFound&DadToo on FB and Goby and the contest.

  19. Danielle E. says:
  20. Christa Edmonds says:

    Following Mom, Dad and Goby on Twitter! I tweeted! http://www.twitter.com/indie_wife

  21. http://www.goby.com/olompali–near–novato-ca/ex-4860201#source=ca.gov
    I’ve been meaning to stop in at Olompali for AGES, but just never can carve the time out of my day. But in June I’ll have at least two afternoons where I can stop in on my way home from Anat Baniel Method training and enjoy getting to know a new park. Thanks, Goby!

  22. trishden says:

    I like LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! and Goby on Facebook AND liked this giveaway. Thanks! Trish Froehner

  23. trishden says:

    I like Mom and Dad and Goby on Twitter and tweeted here:


  24. Kimberly says:

    Downloaded app & sent Emily an email 1
    kcoud33 at gmail dot com

  25. Kimberly says:

    Downloaded app & sent Emily an email 2
    kcoud33 at gmail dot com

  26. Kimberly says:

    Downloaded app & sent Emily an email 3
    kcoud33 at gmail dot com

  27. Kimberly says:

    Downloaded app & sent Emily an email 4
    kcoud33 at gmail dot com

  28. Kimberly says:

    Downloaded app & sent Emily an email 5
    kcoud33 at gmail dot com

  29. Jessie C. says:

    Found Take Flight For Kids – Airshow Adventure.http://www.goby.com/airshow-adventure–near–san-carlos-ca/e-4538872#source=artsopolis.com Great for our incoming trip to CA.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  30. Jessie C. says:

    Like LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! and Goby on Facebook AND like this giveaway.@tcarolinep JessieKatie S

  31. Jessie C. says:
  32. I like all 3
    facebook name-amanda h

  33. amber says:
  34. Like all on Facebook
    janet m patterson rn

  35. Lori A. says:

    Looking for something fun to do with the family tomorrow!
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  36. Lori A. says:

    Like LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! and Goby on Facebook AND like this giveaway.
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  37. Lori A. says:

    Like Mom and Dad and Goby on Twitter and tweeted
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  38. Amanda says:

    Here is my link for going camping in WI

  39. Wendy McBride says:
  40. Amanda says:
  41. Velvet Hubler says:
  42. Velvet Hubler says:

    I Like LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! and Goby on Facebook and I liked this post also as Velvet Hubler

  43. Jennifer H says:
  44. Michelle C says:


    I chose this adventure because it looks like fun for the whole family and we’ve never been! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  45. Jennifer H says:

    follow all & tweeted-http://twitter.com/#!/Lovesmytwoboys/status/69538867484688384

  46. Michelle C says:

    Following all on twitter


    Today’s Tweet
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  47. Michelle C says:

    Entered New Balance giveaway
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  48. http://www.goby.com/iii-forks-palm-beach-gardens–near–palm-beach-gardens-fl/ex-7334878#source=opentable.com
    Nice! really easy to use. They offered different options, but this sounds like a lot of fun…If weather is good tomorrow I might try it!

  49. Liked you and Goby on Facebook.
    Jenniffer Powell

  50. http://www.goby.com/family-fun–near–columbia-mo
    So easy to use and had a couple things I had never heard of!

    lizgiver at gmail dot com

  51. like all 3 on fb (Liz Giver)

    lizgiver at gmail dot com

  52. follow all 3 on twitter and tweeted

    lizgiver at gmail dot com

  53. http://www.goby.com/six-flags-over-texas–near–arlington-tx/e-1954137#source=themeparkinsider.com

    I chose amusement parks in our state of TX because we love love love all the rides!!


  54. I Like LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! and Goby on Facebook AND liked this giveaway
    Dana J Valle


  55. downloaded app …sent email #1


  56. downloaded app …sent email #2


  57. downloaded app …sent email #3


  58. downloaded app …sent email #4


  59. downloaded app …sent email #5


  60. Kalani says:

    I found a children’s museum I didn’t know about to take our family to!
    inalak at msn dot com

  61. Darryl says:
  62. Darryl says:
  63. pinksade says:

    I found this http://www.goby.com/whitewater-rafting–in–district-of-columbia because I haven’t went whitewater rafting for a long time!

  64. pinksade says:

    Follow you all on twitter. tweeted

  65. pinksade says:

    like you both on FB and liked this post – Pinky Sade

  66. Shell Holland says:
  67. Shell Holland says:

    I liked all three – shelilah

  68. Shell Holland says:
  69. I chose this adventure–http://www.goby.com/ripley’s-aquarium–near–myrtle-beach-sc/e-203886#source=waymarking.com

    It’s Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, SC. My kids love it there.

  70. I like you, Goby and this post on Facebook with my username Mary Happymommy.

  71. I follow Dad & Goby on Twitter (@mami2jcn) and tweeted-http://twitter.com/mami2jcn/status/69775412821110784

  72. I chose the Marina Del Rey, CA Dolphin Cruise: http://www.goby.com/dolphin-cruise–near–marina-del-rey-ca/ex-6983210#source=kijubi.com

    I picked it because its outdoors, and takes helps me explore the great beautiful ocean near by. You get to experience the gorgeous ocean and see one of the most adorable and majestic animals, its hard for anyone not to enjoy a nice breeze, the beautiful sun, and sight seeing.

  73. I LIKE Look What Mom Found and Goby on Facebook :)*

  74. Elizabeth K says:
  75. Elizabeth K says:

    I like you and Goby on Facebook and liked this giveaway.

  76. Elizabeth K says:

    I like Mom and Dad and Goby on Twitter and tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/EEK_031880/status/69934169718931456

  77. Becky M says:

    My search for family fun in Green Bay, WI linked me to Ashwaubenon Bowling ally

  78. I’m always looking for new restaurants to try (or at least dream about), so I searched for food and drink in my area: http://www.goby.com/food-and-drink–near–los-angeles-ca/date-this-weekend. Thank you for the giveaway!

  79. Michelle C says:


    Today’s Tweet
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  80. kelley wood says:

    This is a neat place called horshoe falls that I d like to visit that has waterfalls

  81. kelley wood says:

    liked all of you and this post on fb

  82. kelley wood says:
  83. I chose an architecture cruise in Chicago; I’ll be visiting there soon and this seems like an amazing thing to do!

  84. kelley wood says:
  85. Jennifer H says:
  86. Mary Joy Argo says:


    This looks very interesting — my kids would like the mix of science and fun.

  87. Kelley says:


    Hike the dreamy draw nature trail….just my speed, outdoors, and local!

  88. Michelle C says:


    Today’s Tweet
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  89. susanlanai says:

    Our family loves the ocean so I thought this adventure would be fun:

  90. D Schmidt says:
  91. kelley wood says:
  92. GFC Follower

  93. Like you all on FB: Karen Bridges

  94. Sonia says:
  95. Michelle says:

    Wow, this is def very cool…bookmarking it!

    Here are my results:


  96. Michelle says:

    I like you both on FB and Liked the giveaway….Michelle M

  97. Michelle says:

    I follow all of you on twitter and tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/FlyingGiggles/status/70615363825569792

  98. I am going ride on a zip line! http://www.goby.com/tree-flight-canopy-and-zip-line-tour–near–whitesburg-ga/ex-454014#source=georgia.org

    I am totally doing this…thank you for sharing!!!!

  99. Here are my Goby results: (This is a cool website!)


  100. i chose mini golf cause we are vacationing their this summer and i know my son wants to play
    nannypanpan at gmail.com

  101. Michelle C says:


    Today’s Tweet
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  102. Andrea says:

    Here are my Goby search results:

    I chose beaches nearby because I’m looking for a weekend of relaxing in the sun!

  103. Andrea says:

    I like Mom and Dad and Goby on Twitter and tweeted!

  104. kelley wood says:
  105. Gina @ The Crave to Save says:

    Here is an adventure I found: http://www.goby.com/pocahontas-state-park–near–chesterfield-va/e-3249995#source=virginia.org

    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  106. Gina @ The Crave to Save says:

    tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/CrazyItalian0/status/70815354695335936
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  107. Gina @ The Crave to Save says:

    I like you on FB! “Crave to Save”
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  108. Gina @ The Crave to Save says:

    I like goby on FB! “Crave to Save”
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  109. Gina @ The Crave to Save says:

    I liked this post on fb!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  110. This was fun to use, here is my adventure link:

    Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful giveaway!


  111. Like Goby and you on Facebook and also like this giveaway (Eloise Bowen Carlson)


  112. Following Goby and you on Twitter (furygirl3132) and I tweeted:


  113. Michelle C says:


    Today’s Tweet
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  114. Kevin E says:

    I entered this because my kids LOVE mini golf!


  115. Kevin E says:

    I like LookWhatMomFound, Goby, and this giveaway on Facebook!

  116. Kevin E says:

    I follow all 3 of you on Twitter (@kjmaje) and tweeted


  117. Kevin E says:

    I downloaded the Goby app from iTunes and emailed the receipt to Emily. #1

  118. Kevin E says:

    I downloaded the Goby app from iTunes and emailed the receipt to Emily. #2

  119. Kevin E says:

    I downloaded the Goby app from iTunes and emailed the receipt to Emily. #3

  120. Kevin E says:

    I downloaded the Goby app from iTunes and emailed the receipt to Emily. #4

  121. Kevin E says:

    I downloaded the Goby app from iTunes and emailed the receipt to Emily. #5

  122. Michelle C says:


    Today’s Tweet
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  123. kelley wood says:
  124. Kimbuckjr says:

    MANDATORY ENTRY: Oh my gosh…GOBY totally rocks! How come I haven’t heard about this sooner??? I am so happy you turned me on to Goby.com. YAHOO!

    Anyway, I searched what’s going on in my town THIS WEEKEND & this is what came up and what I clicked on…


    My husband, daughter, and I have made plans to attend the Planes of Fame Air Museum! My hubby and I are real old time plane enthusiasts! I can hardly wait for this weekend.


  125. Kimbuckjr says:

    I follow “LookWhatMomFound” on Facebook. My Facebook ID: Kimberly Dunek-Buck.

  126. Kimbuckjr says:

    I follow “Goby Mobile” on Facebook. My Facebook ID: Kimberly Dunek-Buck.

  127. Kimbuckjr says:
  128. Kimbuckjr says:

    I follow @LkWhtMomFound on Twitter. My Twitter ID: @kimbuckjr

  129. Kimbuckjr says:

    I follow @anddadtoo on Twitter. My Twitter ID: @kimbuckjr

  130. Kimbuckjr says:

    I follow @therealgoby on Twitter. My Twitter ID: @kimbuckjr

  131. Kimbuckjr says:
  132. kelley wood says:
  133. Kimbuckjr says:
  134. Michelle C says:


    Today’s Tweet
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  135. Kimbuckjr says:
  136. madwoman-doing-cartwheels says:

    I was looking for a neat festival or place to picnic with the DH and found a Jazz Festival at a winery we didn’t even know about. Too cool!


    reason? Just looking for a neat getaway for 2!

  137. madwoman-doing-cartwheels says:

    I Like Goby on Facebook
    rose manning

  138. kelley wood says:
  139. Michelle C says:


    Today’s Tweet
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  140. http://www.goby.com/swimming–near–louisville-ky

    I am not sure if my fisrt one showed up,

  141. I found “Ed Smith Stadium” near SARASOTA, FL on Goby.com! This site has lots of great ideas for Family Fun near SARASOTA, FL. You should check it out!

    I couldn’t figure out how to post the link from my iPhone, so I copied and pasted. We love baseball in our family!
    Sent from my iPhone

  142. I like goby on Facebook as mandi Navarre eschenbach

  143. http://t.co/Egf0eC8

    I follow mom dad and goby on twitter and I tweeted the giveaway as @stblessings

  144. kelley wood says:
  145. Maggie @ Tethered Mommy says:
  146. Maggie @ Tethered Mommy says:

    I’m a fan/”like” Goby on Facebook. (Maggie D C)

    Maggie at tethered mommy dot com

  147. Marci says:
  148. Kimbuckjr says:
  149. Kimbuckjr says:
  150. Michelle C says:


    Today’s Tweet
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  151. Jennifer T. says:

    I picked festivals near me. We like to do local things outside in the Spring when the weather is still nice.

  152. Jennifer T. says:

    I’m a facebook fan of Goby under username Jennie Tilson.

  153. Jennifer T. says:

    i entered the New Balance giveaway.

  154. UNus Sed Leona likes you on FB and shared

    chitownchicas at gmail dot com

  155. Unus Sed Leona follows Goby on FB!
    chitownchicas at gmail dot com

  156. kelley wood says:
  157. Victoria says:

    Goby is so easy to use! I searched: http://www.goby.com/things-to-do–in–adirondacks-ny/date-next-7-days. I would love to go the the Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks to learn about and see the animals. My son would adore the otters there! Plus, I think it’s cool how they have both indoor and outdoor exhibits.

  158. I chose the family Fun in my state over the next 30 days. I am looking for things to do when the kids get out of school. http://www.goby.com/family-fun–near–washington/date-this-month

  159. I like you on FB and shared this link under Kele Wassum

  160. I like Goby on FB

  161. I am folloinwg The Real Goby, @LkWhtMomFound and @anddadtoo on Twitter and tweeted this giveaway. http://twitter.com/#!/kelewassum/status/72715240080539648 @kelewassum

  162. Brianna Ross says:
  163. Brianna Ross says:

    I follow mom, dad, and goby on twitter @mommy2thr33 and tweeted

  164. Brianna Ross says:

    I like goby on facebook

  165. Melinda (Mendy) Dinsmore says:

    I choose this World Aquarium At City Museum
    701 N 15th St, Ste 2, Saint Louis, MO

  166. Melinda (Mendy) Dinsmore says:

    Like Mom on Twitter

  167. Melinda (Mendy) Dinsmore says:

    Like Dad on Twitter

  168. Melinda (Mendy) Dinsmore says:

    Like Goby on Twitter

  169. Downloaded app! Will send screenshot until I get the receipt!
    Entry 1

  170. Downloaded app!
    2nd entry

  171. Melinda (Mendy) Dinsmore says:
  172. Downloaded app!
    3rd entry

  173. Downloaded app!
    4th entry

  174. Downloaded app! Will send screenshot until receipt comes through.
    5th entry!

  175. Erin M. says:

    The nearby adventure, Gull Wings Children’s Museum caught my eye at Goby.com!

  176. Erin M. says:

    I LIKE this blog on Facebook and shared on my wall! (Erin Mize)

  177. Erin M. says:

    I LIKE Goby on Facebook (Erin Mize)

  178. Erin M. says:

    Following Dad and Goby on Twitter.
    here’s my Tweet!

  179. Erin M. says:

    I Downloaded the Goby App! I did not receive and e-mail but this Order number
    MGWBGZLZ4Z has shown up in my apple account as proof.

    (Apple username is the same e-mail Provided here)

  180. Erin M. says:

    2)I Downloaded the Goby App! I did not receive and e-mail but this Order number
    MGWBGZLZ4Z has shown up in my apple account as proof.

    (Apple username is the same e-mail Provided here)

  181. Erin M. says:

    3)I Downloaded the Goby App! I did not receive and e-mail but this Order number
    MGWBGZLZ4Z has shown up in my apple account as proof.

    (Apple username is the same e-mail Provided here)

  182. Erin M. says:

    4)I Downloaded the Goby App! I did not receive and e-mail but this Order number
    MGWBGZLZ4Z has shown up in my apple account as proof.

    (Apple username is the same e-mail Provided here)

  183. Erin M. says:

    5)I Downloaded the Goby App! I did not receive and e-mail but this Order number
    MGWBGZLZ4Z has shown up in my apple account as proof.

    (Apple username is the same e-mail Provided here)

  184. Michelle C says:


    Today’s Tweet
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  185. kelley wood says:
  186. Michelle C says:


    Today’s Tweet
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  187. kelley wood says:
  188. Crunchy Beach Mama says:

    http://www.goby.com/mini-golf–near–charleston-sc/date-this-weekend because our family loves to play mini golf together! 🙂

  189. Crunchy Beach Mama says:
  190. Jessica says:
  191. Michelle C says:


    Today’s Tweet
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  192. kelley wood says:
  193. I chose this because my kids love ice skating and it’s great family fun and exercise
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  194. like goby on facebook (michelle b)
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  195. like on fb (michelle b)& shared on fb
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  196. follow all three (3) on twitter & tweeted
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  197. Michelle C says:


    Today’s Tweet
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  198. Kimbuckjr says:
  199. Kimbuckjr says:
  200. kelley wood says:
  201. Michelle C says:
  202. Kimbuckjr says:
  203. Kimbuckjr says:
  204. Michelle C says:
  205. jeannine m says:
  206. iTunes order #MGQMVQLKD3

    • I don’t have a receipt to forward. 🙁 Apple hasn’t sent me a receipt for any of my downloads since March 7th! Prior to that, I hadn’t received one since May of last year!!! The iTunes order # is the best I have.

  207. Angie B says:
  208. Angie B says:

    liked goby on FB as free stuff, Fun sites, contests, and more

  209. I searched within the next 7 days, we’re always looking for things to do and there’s rarely anything to do in this city…. Here’s my results: http://www.goby.com/family-fun–near–toledo-oh/date-next-7-days

  210. I Like Goby on Facebook (facebook.com/ginaturner)

  211. I follow everyone on twitter and made a tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/wrestlingaddict/status/74703275542323200

  212. http://www.goby.com/niabi-zoo–near–coal-valley-il/e-88718#source=waymarking.com id like to go the zoo!! i picked this adventure because we love animals and i forgot there is a small zoo nearby!

  213. karenM says:

    Awesome, I searched for Family and Kids Events in Illinois here are my results!

    dupage children’s museum arlington park family days, we like visiting museums on rainy days and the bonus it is close and the kids get in free..


    other events in IL

  214. karenM says:

    Like LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! (Gumma Medlin)
    shared on my facebook wall-http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=133722596704256&id=100002394242718

  215. karenM says:

    Like Goby on facebook (Gumma Medlin)

  216. karenM says:

    Follow Mom and Dad and Goby on Twitter

  217. Louise Brouillette says:
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    itsjustme62613 at gmail.com

  219. like goby on facebook as misty sunrise

    itsjustme62613 at gmail.com

  220. Margaret Smith says:

    I choose Family fun in NJ and found Keansburg Amusement Park. Here’s the link:
    Thanks so much

  221. Margaret Smith says:

    I’m a FB friend (Margaret E. Smith)

  222. Margaret Smith says:

    I’m a FB friend of Goby (Margaret E. Smith)

  223. Margaret Smith says:

    I follow all on twitter (peg42) and tweeted:

  224. follow you all from @mistysunrise and tweeted


    itsjustme62613 at gmail.com

  225. Michelle C says:
  226. Amber says:
  227. Amber says:

    I like Goby on Facebook – my FB name is Amanda Moore

  228. I like you on Facebook – my FB name is Amanda Moore, and shared on my Facebook wall:

  229. Amy D. says:

    We are going to be going here in the next week, for some shopping. Thought we might catch a show while there. Never heard of Goby before, it’s Awesome!


  230. Amy D. says:

    Facebook Fan of LWMF and shared on my wall. amy dalton

  231. Amy D. says:

    Liked Goby on FB.

  232. Soha Molina says:

    I found:

    I chose this adventure becaus it’s what my family likes

  233. Soha Molina says:

    Like Goby on Facebook

  234. Soha Molina says:
  235. so cool! i put food and drink tomorrow in glendale az cause i’m pregnant and always hungry!


  236. following dad and goby on twitter, tweet


  237. i like goby on fb courtney bella

  238. Cynthia C says:
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      I chose this because I love history and especially presidential history.

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  242. I would like to goto las vegas and take up some casino gambling.
    The flamingo hotel is what I saw and chose on the site.

    here is my link.


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  249. I’d like to go to this museum (http://www.goby.com/us-naval-museum-of-armament-and-technology–near–ridgecrest-ca/ex-5906089#source=museumstuff.com) because it looks really interesting and I’ve never been there! Thanks for the contest!

  250. Julie N says:

    I don’t own an iPod touch or an iPhone, so I guess I can’t enter. 🙁

  251. courtney says:
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    Fan of Goby on Facebook as Jeff-Sue Legg

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  256. Rick Bryant says:


    Still new to area. And like the Arts. Need to explore more. Goby clearly is a help in this endeavor!

  257. Donna C. says:

    I love going on daytrips with my husband. This is a place I would love to go to next weekend.


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    I like Goby on FB (Donna Culbreth)

  261. Jacob says:

    I found the Oklahoma Banjo Museum. We didn’t even know about this but are interested because my Grandpa played banjo and we all like bluegrass music. It looks interesting http://www.goby.com/american-banjo-museum–near–oklahoma-city-ok/e-2805482#source=museumsusa.org

  262. Jacob says:

    I like LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! on Facebook and shared this giveaway on my wall at http://www.facebook.com/LookWhatMomFoundandDadtoo?sk=wall#!/permalink.php?story_fbid=231718226843379&id=100002463765436

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  265. Lisa Foster says:


    Going to take my grandson and check it out this weekend–they have movies on the weekend too.

  266. Lisa Foster says:
  267. Lisa Foster says:
  268. Crystal F says:

    I searched for http://www.goby.com/things-to-do–near–hickory-nc/date-next-7-days. I wanted to find something local and fun for us all to do. I love the site. Thank you!!

  269. Nadine L says:
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    I follow Follow Mom and Dad and Goby on Twitter (@eyzofblu63) and tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/eyzofblu63/status/75317659473940480

  273. I was hoping to find antiques & craft fairs around Vegas next month but no luck: http://www.goby.com/antique-and-craft-fairs–near–las-vegas-nv/date-this-month

  274. anthony franklin says:

    Me…me…me….i would love that.

  275. Michelle C says:
  276. Jimmy says:


    I picked this event because I like Robyn’s music

  277. Mary Becker says:

    I chose Penobscot Mountain Trail because of the access to lakes and blueberry bushes. Sounds like a great adventure in July when the wild blueberries are ripe and can get some fishing in as well!

  278. Mary Becker says:

    I liked Goby on facebook

  279. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    I used to hike it all the time but haven’t in years and I should get back to it

  280. Suzanne K says:

    I’d love to go see the international spy museum in Washington DC – what neat things to see and learn about!


  281. Debra Hall says:
  282. Debra Hall says:

    i shared this giveaway on facebook

  283. Debra Hall says:

    im a facebook fan

  284. Rosanne says:

    My grandkids are coming to visit and I’m looking for something that meets all age groups Magic Waters came up

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  288. simone says:

    Found a dance party next Saturday. My 3 year old LOVES to dance, so that’s why I picked it. http://www.goby.com/little-lounge-lizards–near–austin-tx/ex-7312361#source=parentsconnect.com

  289. Jacquelin says:


    My family loves to fish, and haven’t been here for some time.

  290. kelley wood says:
  291. Janice Whitaker says:
  292. http://www.goby.com/comedy-events–near–auburn-hills-mi

    I want to see a comedy show on my birthday!

  293. Kelly D says:

    I chose Lahey Family Fun park in PA http://www.goby.com/lahey-family-fun-park–near–clarks-summit-pa/e-1220680#source=arcadefly.com

    We’ve been thinking about taking the kids here since they finish preK this week and we need something to do.

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  297. Julie H says:


    I chose this link so we could go to the zoo my daugter has not been to a zoo yet..

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  300. Holly says:

    I found a great new restaurant to try called Wally Waffle, sounds yummy!

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  320. Christine says:

    Love exploring parks this time of year! http://www.goby.com/parks–near–hartford-ct

    Liked on FB
    Following on twitter @neirboc

    Thank you.

  321. Christine says:

    Also folowing Dad and tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/neirboc/status/76299254670438401


  322. My search turned up the Museum of Arts & Design. I picked this because I will be in the area this weekend anyway, and I’ve never visited the Museum.


  323. I like Goby on Facebook.

  324. I picked: http://www.goby.com/vino-al-pastor-on-wine-road-290–near–fredericksburg-tx/ex-6769759#source=traveltex.com “Vino Al Pastor” On Wine Road 290 because I will be in the area then and love wine tastings! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  325. I like Goby on Facebook (username: Les Cerises).

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    My husband and I are sharing our 5th Anniversary this summer so I searched for a cruise:

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    Here’s my adventure (which needs to be close to home right now!)

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  333. Reginald S. says:
  334. I don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this! Roller coasters are getting boring; I’m searching for a new thrill!


  335. Shared on Facebook!

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  337. Erica says:

    This is cool! I’m dying to go to this. As long as I’ve been in Nashville, I’ve never been. There are always TONS of great artists there the whole weekend: http://www.goby.com/cma-music-festival–near–nashville-tn/e-2458948#source=worldeventsguide.com

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    Cool COOL APP!

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    l wirth

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  352. momznite says:

    Heading north for a summer outdoor adventure sounds like fun, so I selected this New Hampshire State Park.

  353. Michelle S says:

    I would like to take the kids to the Air Force armament museum on a rainy day.

  354. Michelle S says:
  355. Michelle S says:

    Liked Goby on Facebook. Michelle Small

  356. Michelle S says:
  357. Lentil says:


    Free day at the Tar Pits — I didn’t know they did that. My daughter is getting old enough to start trying some more challenging events (as opposed to a day at the playground). We should take advantage of a great local resource like this!

  358. I choose St. Marie Among the Iroquois for family fun near Syracuse NY since it sounds fun and educational.

  359. I am a facebook fan (Anne Jolly) of Goby

  360. Michelle C says:
  361. kolpin says:
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    twitter follower @kolpin4680 kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  363. Jason White says:


    Great search engine for local things to do. We chose to go just down the coast to Venice. It gives us a break away from the everyday.

  364. kjasus says:
  365. http://www.goby.com/art-fair-on-the-square–near–madison-wi/e-4541486#source=artfaircalendar.com
    I can’t wait for Art Fair on the Square…best jewelers on the planet!

  366. kelley wood says:
  367. kelley wood says:
  368. Matt C says:

    I went to goby, and found the Arthur Cheese Festival
    I chose this because I love cheese and this event has lots of it!


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    We love hiking this trail, has a paved path, easy to take a double stroller

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  379. kelley wood says:
  380. The Mollala Oregon Brewfast is happening this weekend. I want to go because I love to try Oregon microbrews! http://www.goby.com/molalla-brew-fest-(external-submission)–near–molalla-or/ex-7073795#source=oregonlive.com
    smchester at gmail dot com

  381. I liked Goby on facebook-Susan Chester
    smchester at gmail dot com

  382. Denice P says:


    i chose to possibly see an art exhibit on Sunday the 12 as that is the next day that I am off. I live in Philadelphia and they have a lot with art and I just like to see all the creative things that come from a person’s mind.

  383. clynsg says:

    To be fair, I already knew about this since they have been advertising their special exhibit on TV, but Philbrook is still a beautiful place to visit any weekend, and I planned to go soon anyway. http://www.goby.com/philbrook-museum-of-art–near–tulsa-ok/e-3251571#_goby_

  384. kelley wood says:
  385. Jennifer M says:

    Our adventure would be here:

    my son wants to visit a aquarium to see whales, and sea life.

  386. Jennifer M says:

    like goby on facebook at jenn mccullar

  387. Jennifer M says:
  388. Jennifer M says:
  389. Annette D says:

    I chose off beat attractions near Houston (I live in the Houston area) and found Frost Town, TX http://www.goby.com/frost-town–near–harris-county-tx/ex-4889628#source=ghosttowns.com I have lived here 26 years and had never heard of it! How interesting!

  390. Annette D says:
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    Liked Goby on FB!

  392. Debbie R says:

    I chose Free Ballroom & Latin Dance because I would like to give it a whirl!


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  395. April Jacques says:
  396. Kimberly K. says:

    i chose horseback riding, because I have not been in a very long time and it is something i would love to share with my children.


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  404. Debbie Stanton says:

    i chose Family & Kid Events in California, next 7 days to find something to do with both my 4 and 16-yr old to celebrate the first week of summer… I choose Waterworks.

    billdebstanton at hotmail dot com

  405. Debbie Stanton says:

    tweet.. https://twitter.com/DEBBIE_STANTON/status/79963511920394241

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    here it is again incase-

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  421. ferriz says:


    i picked the olde ship because i LOVE british pubs. Only place i can get a snake bite and black. plus i actually love british food. oh, and they have a british style phone box outside. who wouldnt want this adventure?


  422. ferriz says:

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  425. Trisha Lynn says:

    My adventure is going to a local state park here http://www.goby.com/blue-rock-state-park–near–blue-rock-oh/ex-181020#source=discoverohio.com I really dont like to traavel too far and love simple things so lacal parks where you can go camping and swimming are perfect!

  426. Trisha Lynn says:

    I like goby on FB!

  427. kelley wood says:
  428. Very cool and useful site! Here’s my link – I searched for Arts & Crafts events in my area

  429. Debbie R says:

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    here’s my link

    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

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    goby fb fan (brittney p)
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  432. Debra F says:

    Using the search function, I found the Saratoga Brewfest is going on this weekend


    I chose this because Saratoga is awesome and the hubby and I have been there before, but we’ve missed it the past couple of years.

  433. Debra F says:
  434. Debra F says:

    I LIKE Goby on Facebook
    Debra Ford

  435. Debra F says:
  436. Does it have to be an adventure near me? We’re planning on traveling to Colorado this summer, and I’d love to do some camping and fishing while we’re there. I found a link for Rifle Gap State Park (http://www.goby.com/rifle-gap-state-park–near–rifle-co/e-2024036#source=anglerweb.com) which sounds like an incredible place to get in touch with nature!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  437. I like Goby on Facebook: Cori Eckstrom Westphal (facebook.com/coriwestphal)

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

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  443. Michelle Hall says:

    Here are my search results. We are always looking for something fun to do outdoors and close to home



  444. Michelle Hall says:

    I like Goby on Facebook

  445. Debbie R says:

    Likes Goby on Facebook/Debbie Rinaldi

  446. Barbara Fox says:

    http://www.goby.com/safari-west–near–santa-rosa-ca/e-2258959#source=famplosion.com We are staying in Santa Rosa CA this month & I think this animal safari would be a wonderful idea as we are huge animal lovers! Thanks for letting me know about the goby site! It’s going to come in very handy as we travel!!

  447. Dara Nix says:

    Here is my search result: http://www.goby.com/national-museum-of-naval-aviation–near–pensacola-fl/e-69228#source=waymarking.com

    BTW: For anyone who will be visiting NW Florida, the National Museum of Naval Aviation is a MUST SEE!

  448. Dara Nix says:
  449. Dara Nix says:

    I “Like” Goby on Facebook (Dara Nix)!

  450. Dara Nix says:

    I follow Mom and Dad and Goby on Twitter (@Kitty32504) and tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/Kitty32504/status/80645592136683520

  451. Carol F says:

    I would love to see this http://www.goby.com/nunsense–near–arlington-heights-il/e-2582120#source=eviesays.com Nunsense Arlington Heights,IL
    carolkfoster at comcast dot net

  452. Rebecca Peters says:

    I got sand beach at acadia national park.. I love it there because not only can you go lay on the beach you can also go hiking up the mountains or explore bar harbor!

  453. Rebecca Peters says:

    I like goby on fb.. Becca Ann Peters

  454. julieh says:
  455. Debbie Stanton says:

    tweet.. https://twitter.com/DEBBIE_STANTON/status/80727981902925825

    billdebstanton at hotmail dot com

  456. Sarah L says:
  457. MelissaO says:

    Here are my results: http://www.goby.com/arcadia-trail–near–arcadia-ri/ex-200178#source=trails.com.

    I love to go hiking on beautiful spring weekends, and this trail is flat enough for everyone to enjoy!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  458. Debbie R says:
  459. Erica C. says:

    I like the haunted dungeons…it would be a lot of fun and it was a new attraction in 2010!

  460. I’m disappointed in the search engine, as I did a search for performing arts/theatre events in Pensacola, Florida, from present through the end of August and found only two slightly theatrical events (a touring concert and a local dance-themed one-night-only fundraiser). I know of at least four local plays and musicals, with multiple performances, and two shows specifically geared toward children and families, that weren’t listed. I seem to remember Goby doing some giveaways last year and contacting them directly with websites that contain information on local theatres. Clearly, their search engine draws performing arts events from Ticketmaster, and only a couple of venues sell through that company.

    After coming up blank on the plays and musicals, I found a couple of listings for local blueberry farms, but my favorite farm wasn’t listed, and I know the area has more than two others. In fact, many of them are listed on a site that Goby links to, yet the engine isn’t pulling the information over.

    Finally, I searched for sightseeing activities, and I found the Arcadia Mills historic sites listed. That sounds like a very interesting place to visit (I’ve never been there). So, here’s the link for my contest entry:


  461. Geoff K says:

    The adventure I chose was the ghost town of Wonderland, Ohio: http://www.goby.com/wonderland-ohio–near–gahanna-oh/ex-3333273#source=waymarking.com

    I wanted to find an offbeat attraction for my parents and sister to enjoy when they come out for a visit this summer, and this sounds like a real adventure. It should make for a great day trip!

  462. Geoff K says:
  463. Geoff K says:

    I like Goby on facebook: Geoff K

  464. Geoff K says:

    I follow Mom, Dad, and Goby on twitter (@guettel78), and I tweeted: http://twitter.com/guettel78/status/80851191034150914

  465. Frances V says:


    This is actually not near me but I’ve been wanting to go hiking in Tennessee! So using Goby.com, this is what I found!

    I also downloaded the app and can’t wait to use it more often.

  466. Shelley Mitchell says:

    I found CJ Barrymores for my location – Saint Clair Shores, MI

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  467. Debbie jackson says:

    http://store.apple.com/us-hed/findyourschool?aid=AOS-US-Edu-NavLink checked to see if I could get deal for school djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  468. barbara wright says:

    I picked the NC Museum of Art because my sister is visiting and that is something she would like http://www.goby.com/north-carolina-museum-of-art–near–raleigh-nc/e-3252030#source=10best.com

  469. barbara wright says:
  470. barbara wright says:

    I like Goby on facebook – barbara wright

  471. barbara wright says:

    I follow all of you on twitter and tweeted http://twitter.com/bsw529/status/80996101058084864

  472. Debbie R says:
  473. 216amyc says:

    I would take my family to the Children’s Museum of Cleveland. I didn’t even know it existed!


  474. http://www.goby.com/ijams-nature-ctr–near–knoxville-tn/e-2390718#source=10best.com
    This is the link I would choose here in my city. It is right in my backyard and I have not been. I definately want to go because, I hear it is beautiful. You will hear on the news sometimes about their special guided tours.

  475. tina reynolds says:

    I would choose this http://www.goby.com/odessa-meteor-crater-and-museum-the–near–odessa-tx/e-2402611#source=traveltex.com
    because it is something that my hhusband and I would enjoy along with are three kids. We just moved here and I had no idea about this so this is really cool. My son would be the biggest fan he is really into this right now

  476. tina reynolds says:

    like goby on facebook (mrstinareynolds eaglesforjack@gmail.com

  477. tina reynolds says:
  478. I would love to take the family to Hawaiian Falls Adventure Park in Garland. It would be the perfect place to beat the Texas heat! http://www.goby.com/hawaiian-falls-adventure-park–near–garland-tx/e-1638493#source=10best.com

  479. michelle robbins says:
  480. LIKE Goby on Facebook – happi shopr

  481. Follow all three on twitter – @happishopr

  482. kathy pease says:
  483. kathy pease says:
  484. kathy pease says:

    like goby on facebook kathy l pease

  485. susan smoaks says:

    we want to go fishing this weekend, so i looked for fishing near my home and got this:

  486. tracey byram says:

    I would go to Gardendale Splash Pad because it’s summer in the south and the days are scorchers.


  487. Wehaf says:

    I chose this: http://www.goby.com/body-worlds-&-the-cycle-of-life–near–chicago-il/e-6238665#source=parentsconnect.com

    I’ve heard great things about this exhibit and I think it would be amazing!

  488. Angela Winesburg says:
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    LIKED Goby on Facebook (AngelaWinesburg)

  490. Angela Winesburg says:

    Following all three via Twitter (@Hotsnotty2) – Tweeted – http://twitter.com/#!/Hotsnotty2/status/81054058886082560

  491. Darcy B says:

    I looked for something to do outdoors this weekend and found Forest park–I run a portion of forest park—but had no idea it was so huge—love all the extra info and map!


  492. Julie says:

    I chose amusement parks because that is our favorite thing!

  493. Debbie Stanton says:

    tweet.. https://twitter.com/DEBBIE_STANTON/status/81078030864367617

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    Marina del Rey Dolphin Cruise would be my pick. wish they would have had Goby when my kids were little.

  499. Donna B. says:

    I did golf courses near winston salem, nc anytime


    I picked this because I gave my son a set of golf clubs as a gift at the end of the school year, and he’s been dying to learn to play. We’re trying to find a local course that he can use.

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  518. Gianna says:

    Mount Rushmore because we love going there.

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    Thanks for the giveaway…we found the “arizona sea life aquarium” @ Tempe AZ; great fun for the kids, and it’s air-conditioned !

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  537. Taking my daughter fishing would be a lovely way to spend the weekend!

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    This looks fun! We’re going on vacation (my husband’s idea & a great one!) at Mammoth Cave, KY in July & I found this link to Kentucky Action Park via Goby! Love the site! Thanks for introducing me!