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My Kids Hate Making Their Bed

Do your kids sleep on top of the covers? Shaun and Shae do and even Sabreena who is the oldest does. Do you know why they sleep on top of the covers? To avoid having to make their beds in the morning. Really, yes really my kids are that lazy. LOL.

Over the winter Melinda and I would go into Sabreena’s room and find her on top of the covers with only a little blanket covering her and the floor heater blasting. We would always ask her why don’t you get under the covers and keep the heater off at night and it all went back to making her bed.

If you are like Melinda you take the time and find perfect kids bedding that matches the room décor and looks perfect in the room. We don’t buy anything that the kids can’t sleep on or under but I would definitely prefer under. I could understand if Sabreena or Shaun had bunk beds and were sleeping on the top bunk because having to make the top bunk every day is a royal pain in the butt. Trust me, I know from my days of sleeping on the top bunk as a kid.

I guess I could force the kids to sleep under the covers but why because it isn’t worth the fight. The only time I force them under the covers is in the winter so that they aren’t freezing in the middle of the night. Writing this post is making me laugh because making the bed takes maybe five minutes but I guess when you are a kid five minutes seems like forever.

Do you or your kids sleep on top of the covers? If so why? To avoid having to make the bed in the morning?

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