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I Spy Castle Nintendo DS Review

My kids love to play brain teasers in the car like I Spy or 20 questions so when I was asked to review I Spy Castle for the Nintendo DS by Scholastic I jumped at the chance.

I Spy Castle for Nintendo DS offers 36 I Spy riddles set against 12 castles scenes where you need to find over 400 items. Reveal 12 mini games hidden among I Spy riddles and play three logic puzzles to unlock additional new rooms of the castle and new I Spy riddles.

Shae was super excited to play I Spy Castle and did require some help from Sabreena but Shae is only four but did really really well for her age. Shae is easily bored but played I Spy Castle for well over an hour and enjoyed every minute of it. After Shae played the game Melinda took a turn and enjoyed playing the game so much she took the game with her when she went to Shaun’s Cub Scout meeting and played it for almost an hour herself. From what I can tell this is a game that will challenge your brain but won’t bore you easily which is something my kids need.

I feel brain teaser games keep your mind sharp as well as help younger kids think more than they might under normal circumstances. I Spy Castle is a game that will not only make you think but will also provide entertainment which only makes the game more enjoyable to play.

I Spy Castle for Nintendo DS is available at most major retailers and sells for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

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