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What Would Your Kids Say About You

I thought I would do something different with my kids and interview them to see what they thought about ME. I also wanted to see how their opinions differed using the same questions. I also wanted to know how well they actually knew me on the more fact based questions.

I interviewed them each privately then we discussed the results afterwards and laughed about the variety of answers given. Of course there were moments when they wanted to change their answers but I wouldn’t let them. Something to keep in mind, Sabreena is 16, Shaun is 9 and Shae is 5. Lets see what they have to say about dear old mom.
lookwhatmomfound kids

What is my favorite show?
Shaun-Top Chef
Sabreena-Criminal Minds
*all of these answers were correct. I will watch anything and everything cooking related but have been a Criminal Minds fan since the beginning

What is my favorite food?
Sabreena- Pizza
*Pizza is the answer. Pasta is Shae’s favorite food

What is the most favorite thing I do for your?
Shaun-Feed me everyday
Shae-Buy me costumes
Sabreena-Buy me shoes
*I like how the girls revolved around shopping and food is Shaun’s focus all the time so this made total sense

What makes me laugh?
Shaun-Shae saying words that sound funny
Shae-Funny Stuff
Sabreena-Dad’s stupid jokes
*I laughed so hard after Shae’s response she just said, “See, you’re laughing”

If I had my own TV Show what would I be doing?
Shae-Cooking Crabs
*while I’m a decent home cook I totally would flounder on a cooking show. I DO appreciate the confidence they have in me though

How are you and I the same?
Shaun-I like Top Chef too
Shae-We drive in the same car
Sabreena-We have similar tastes in music
*Considering Shae doesn’t actually drive I’m confused about her answer LOL

Where is my favorite place to go?
Shaun-Your bedroom to watch TV
Shae-The grocery Store
Sabreena-Thrift Store with me
*I absolutely HATE grocery shopping but I do it often. Thrifting is new for me and Sabreena, it’s a bit of a fun finding great clothes for just a couple bucks. My favorite place ever would have to be the beach though

What Would Your Kids Say About You?  Use these questions and interview your own kids and see what they have to say about you and your relationship. Link up throughtout the  and I’ll be sure to visit your post too.

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