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American Girl for the Holidays

Halloween was barely over for 12 hours and the mall was installing holiday wreaths on the lamp posts. It’s officially the holiday shopping season. I have 3 kids of my own to shop for as well as nieces and friend’s kids who are all different ages and have different interests. There are 2 little girls on that list that love dolls and all things girly. For them it’s a no brainer what is on their list.

At American Girl, we celebrate girls and all that they can be. That’s why we develop products and experiences that help girls grow up in a wholesome way, while encouraging them to enjoy girlhood through fun and enchanting play.

My American Girl Dolls are a fantastic gift for any little girl. This dolls are created to your specifications to have the same look and features as your child of choice. Each 18″ doll comes dressed in a True Spirit Outfit, comes with a charm keeper necklace and codes to keep the fun going online.

This year’s historical doll Caroline Abbott comes dressed and ready to play straight from 1812. Dressed in a gorgeous pink gown with ribbon and ruffle trim she has delicate features that make her a must have for American Girl fans new and old.
american girl doll caroline
Accessories for Caroline and the rest of the dolls range from pets to furniture to additional outfits to vehicles. Each doll takes on the personality that your child wants so the fun is endless.


  1. Very cute! I think my Niece would love one of these.

  2. OH!! She is so pretty!! I am thinking my 2 year old needs her first American Girl Doll for Christmas this year!

  3. such a cute doll. I really love the American Girl message and hope to get our daughter one of the dolls soon!

  4. Heather Mc says

    She is gorgeous. I remember when I was little and someone signed my sister and i up to get the catalogs. It was so fun ooohhhing and ahhing over them…..and I didn’t even like dolls at that point.

    • I’ve never seen a catalog, I’m afraid for my wallet 🙂

      • Heather Mc says

        I refuse to get it for Rohanna for that reason. Growing up I had the concept of “we have no money” well enough. I had 3 school dresses and 2 play dresses. 1 pair dress shoes, 1 pair sneakers.

  5. Wow, she is stunning. American Girl dolls are fantastic for imaginative play. I love the accessories that help children create beautiful, realistic worlds for their dolls.

  6. She is such a pretty doll! I love the American Girl line of dolls. If only I had a daughter!

  7. My daughter has never had an American Girl Doll, but I know she would love one!

  8. My daughter has my Samantha American Girl Doll from when I was young, but she is so excited to ask for her own this Christmas! She can’t decided between Caroline or McKenna:)

  9. Alexis is almost 5 and I think I am finally ready to get her an American Girl doll! I just hope she loves it as much as I did.

  10. I love American Girl Dolls, well my daughter really does. She has the magazine sent here to the house and has this wish list of what she wants. She is even saving money so that someday she can buy her own.

  11. My neice would love that doll. She’s very pretty!

  12. American girl dolls and accessories have been on my girls Christmas wish list for the last 6 years. I loved them when I was a girl also.

  13. What a beautiful doll. There are so many more options and American girl dolls now than when I was a girl!

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