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I’m OK with it

It’s taken me almost 17 years of being a mom to accept some things that are considered big no-nos in the parenting community. Society doesn’t like to accept us as we are; busy, tired, worn down, selfless. I’m here to say while lip gloss and heels are nice sometimes Here Is The Real Me.

  • I’m OK with leaving the house in yoga pants or comfy sweatsI'm OK with you I am
  • I’m OK with skipping girls night out to cuddle on sofa with husband to watch Parenthood
  • I’m OK with not buying myself new brown leather calf high boots to get a pair of Twinkle Toes for Shae
  • I’m OK with not being the perfect mom all the time but when it counts the most
  • I’m OK with not being a career driven woman
  • I’m OK with not knowing how to start the lawn mower
  • I’m OK with waiting too long between hair colorings
  • I’m OK with passing on a fun exciting event because it doesn’t fit our schedule
  • I’m OK with driving a minivan because we fit comfortably in it, it’s paid off and I feel safe
  • I’m OK with admitting my kids get on my nerves somedays and I want lock myself in my room

As a mom, non-mom, dad or other, what are you OK with. Remember these aren’t faults, they are decisions made to be happier as a whole instead of putting on a front that we can’t keep up with.