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New Balance Sports and Fitness Gift Guide

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Toys, gadgets and gift cards are typical additions to our holiday shopping list. I often forget about everyone’s hobbies. Rob and I took up running this year. While we haven’t been very dedicated the last couple of months I know it’s something we want to continue for fun and health. New Balance showered us with awesome running shoes and gear. I’m sharing with you all the great gifts we received and other great finds for those with health-centric hobbies and passions.

Women’s Minimus 1010
The New Balance Minimus 1010 trail runner introduces a new kind of minimal fit to the performance-driven runner, taking a remarkably lightweight, stylish upper and combining it with ROCK STOP® protection in the forefoot and a supremely durable Vibram® outsole. Knocked down to a 4mm drop, this up-and-coming minimalist superstar helps you go the distance again and again while simultaneously allowing you to concentrate on your form and the exhilarating feel of the trail beneath you.

women's minimus sneakers

Windblocker Jackets
The perfect gift for the winter runner, the New Balance NBx Windblocker Jacket is just the thing for the job: it’s windproof, water resistant, moisture-wicking, reflective, and ready to keep you dry and comfortable even in lower temperatures or adverse weather conditions. Loaded with convenience, storage and visibility features and the technology to make your workout better than ever, this music-friendly jacket uses stretch knit brushed back fleece combined with thermal wind block fabric retain and reinforce your body heat.
running gear

Ndurance 100 Chronograph
Chronograph/data 24 hour range, Exercise timer, Time/alarms, Water resistant, EL backlight

ndurance chronograph

Men’s Minimus 20V3
The Minimus 20v3 offers a barefoot workout experience with the protection of a lightweight trainer. It’s stable, low-profile platform aid in efficiency in the gym and is versatile enough for a run. Inspired by Good Form Running and designed to be worn with or without socks.

NB Minimus Mens

Media Holder
Reflectivity for added safety and visibility,Interior key pocket for storage, 2 D-rings work to provide a perfect fit, Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, One-handed adjustment, Operate your iPhone while in the armband

iphone holder, sports, running
Handheld Water Bottle
Eeflectivity for added safety and visibility,Front zip pockets for secure storage, Clipless cap, 22 oz (650 mL). Weight: 4 oz, Adjustable moisture-wicking airmesh hand strap

handheld waterbottle

I Disclose

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  1. I’ve been hearing a lot about minimalist running recently. I think people call it natural running where you run in a minimalist shoe that has slightly more padding than the Vibrams/barefoot runners. Sounds intriguing!

    I love my media band! I don’t miss carrying my iPhone at all.

    The jacket looks spiffy, too. I like the thumb holes.

  2. That Windblocker Jacket is SO going on my list! It looks perfect for winter running. And kudos to you two…what a great activity to do together:)

  3. I had no idea the power of the thumbhole on my running tops and jackets, until a couple weeks ago when I found my first jacket with them. Who knew one small little detail would make such a difference? Ha! Next I want to try that handheld water bottle and those trail runners look comfy!

  4. Denise says:

    I love New Balance shoes!

  5. Eileen says:

    I miss running…been a long time since my body would carry me like that. Chronically ill. BUT was nice to see the new products and the incredibly cute and bold shoes out there. Hey, I can still LOOK like a runner and wear the cute gear!

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