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Dr Seuss Kids Crafts and Activities

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Theo LeSieg, Rosetta Stone, Theophrastus Seuss. These names may sound familiar; they should. They are all different pen names used by Dr Seuss. Theodor Seuss Geisel career is a colorful one. One that spans newspapers,magazines and of course books. The Cat in the Hat is probably the most widely recognized Dr Seuss work but his other additions to the children’s literary device world are equally as awesome. I’ve put together a collection of great kids crafts and activities that would make for a great way to celebrate Dr Seuss’ Birthday on March 2nd.
Dr Seuss Birthday Crafts and Activities
Having Fun at Chelles House
Big Fun with Lorax

Making Boys Men
Cat in the Hat Wooden Peg Dolls

Because I Said So
Yertle the Turtle Paper Plate Craft

See Vanessa Craft
Apples Up On Top Felt Board

Toddler Approved
Thing 1 and Thing 2 Puppets

Crafts and Things for Childrens
Horton Hears a Who Craft

Inner Child Fun
Lorax Truffula Tree Craft

Sugar Bee Crafts
Dr Seuss Activity Blocks

Jersey Family Fun
One Fish Two Fish Aquarium Treats

A Little Delightful
Lorax Paperplate Craft

How are you wishing Dr Seuss a Happy Birthday this year?

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  1. These are soo neat! Love the fish in jello idea

  2. Dr. Seuss is so fun. My favorite book is The Foot Book. Tons of fun crafts to do here. Maybe this un-crafty mama will try a few. 🙂

    • my kids were drawn to The Foot Book and Hop on Pop as babies. They were great starters for rhyming lessons and just being silly LOL

  3. Those are all such great ideas! Princess Nagger was asking me to find some crafty fun things for her to do – I’ll let her pick which one of these! 🙂

  4. The Kindergarten teacher at my children’s school does the fish in the blue jello ocean day. As homeroom mom last year, I got to make 32 individual aquariums. Hmm, I should share those pictures! It was a hoot getting the cups into the fridge.

  5. Great ideas! The 1 Fish 2 Fish aquarium treats would be a fun add-on for my Under the Sea Playdate if older kids were over. We had apples and carrot slices, which weren’t very fishy, but they got gobbled up anyway 🙂

  6. omg, those little people with Thing 1 and Thing 2…so cute!

  7. I’ve always loved Dr. Seuss day. When I taught 4th grade we took apart favorite stories and wrote our own Seuss-style books. It was a favorite activity for the kids (and me)

  8. These are such cute ideas! Thanks so much for the inspirations!

  9. How adorable. I had to read the Fox Dr. Seuss book (you know the one with all the tongue twisters in it, to my daughter tonight). She loves Dr. Seuss. I’ll have to do some of these crafts with her over the weekend.

  10. I LOVE Dr. Suess! The way the stories flow, even the ridiculous words and creatures. The stories always make me smile and laugh 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the big fun we had with The Lorax!!

  11. elspain says:

    great site kids love it,well done jello fab ideas.

  12. You did a great job with this list! I’m bookmarking it for next year!

    Thanks for linking up to the Hearts for Home Blog Hop! Blessings!!

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