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34 Handmade Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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Each year as the holidays roll around I rack my brain to come up with great gift ideas for my friends and family.  I like giving things that mean something. It could be an personalized ornament or sentimental piece of art or home decor.  Whatever the gift it I try to put lots of thought into it so that it’s special and they know I thought about them.  This year I really want to give completely handmade gifts for my closest friends and siblings.  I need some ideas since each of them are so different.

In the past I’ve given my sister handmade jewelry and best friend a heart embroidered map like one I made for my own home. This year I want to expand my creativity and have hit up my favorite blogs and websites for inspiration.

What speaks to you from this list?  What would you love to receive as a handmade gift?


Personalized Cutting Board Upcycle

Stenciled Party Tray

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Three Tiered Tray

DIY Sharpie Mugs

Handpainted Tea Towels

Handmade Gift Ideas for the Kitchen

For the Home

Heart Embroidered Map

Glitter Dipped Vase

Jewel Coasters

Gold Colorblock Mug

Key Artwork

Chunky Crocheted Throw Blanket

DIY Photo Canvas

Custom Pillowcases

Pallet Board Coat Rack

Tin Can Planter

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas for the Home

Personal & Accessories

Fabric Flower Rings

Beaded and Floral Hair Pins

DIY Photo Pendants

DIY Animal Ring Holder

Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Customized Wooden Storage Box

DIY Tote Bag

Leather Wrap Bracelet

Handmade Gift Ideas for Friends and FamilyHoliday Decor & Gifts

Clay Star Garland

Winter Wreath

Fabric Pine Cones

Twine Spiral Tree

Snowflake Embroidered Ornament

Handmade Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Christmas

For Kids

Superhero Mason Jar Bank

Child Size Apron

Kid’s Tent or Reading Nook

DIY Stick Horse

Headband HolderHandmade Gift Ideas for KidsDid you see something you’d love to make for someone else?  Are you making any gifts this holiday season?



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  1. I love anything made with Mason jars – what a great idea. I wish I were more crafty to do half of what you shared.

  2. Good gravy, this single post has like 20 pinnable (I want to do) ideas! I could have the kids do the sharpie mugs for Grandma and Grandpa, and I could do the handpainted tea towels for almost everyone along with a little homemade treat.

  3. These are FANTASTIC ideas! I love making and giving homemade gifts – now I am REALLY inspired!

  4. These are the cutest gifts, I need to make some for my guests.

  5. There are so many great gift ideas here. I like the Three Tier Tray and the Mason Jar Banks best!

  6. OMG! Those superhero mason jars ahhhh! I love it! This is a fantastic list of stuff, totally bookmarking because I want to try to make stuff this year 🙂

  7. WOW these are some awesome ideas for DIY gifts. I plan on helping the kids DIY all the gifts for others this year and some of these they could easily make thanks!

  8. Stephanie Keeping says

    I love handmade gifts!

  9. These are such great ideas, I’d love to make all handmade gifts for Christmas this year.

  10. I love the sugar scrub and twine Christmas tree! Great gifts for girlfriends or family. Last year I made a coffee grounds body scrub with coconut oil – felt and smelled great!

  11. Wow wow WOW! So many fabulous ideas! I love hand made gifts, they say so much about the person who gives them.. I try to make a few each year with the girls and you’ve inspired me to make even more 🙂

  12. What a great collection of handmade holiday gifts. I love that little pony ring holder!

  13. I’ve got a long list of people to purchase gifts for so it would be a whole lot easier on the pocketbook if I could make some of their gifts. Your collections are adorable & look like things I could actually do with my moderate craft skills.

  14. I love all of these ideas! Handmade is definitely the way to go and seems so much more personal!

  15. Well thanks! My to dolist just got 34 things longer! This was a great round up of crafts! Thanks!

  16. I would love the hand painted tea towels. I love special one of a kind homemade gifts. These would all be welcome on my wish list this year.

  17. i love these! I’m partial to handmade gifts. I almost always make my husband something ! One year I gave him a date night jar!!

  18. Such wonderful ideas! I really love the heart map and you can never go wrong with a mason jar gift, whether you put something inside of it or paint it or whatever.

  19. Wow, some great ideas there. We love to make things for our friends instead of buying them. Thank you for sharing

  20. Honestly, I’d be over the moon to receive any of these gifts! My favorites are anything that has to do with the kitchen or decorating for the home.

  21. Ashley Kolpak says

    I love these ideas, I think handmade gifts are the best gifts to give! Will have to try some of these ideas

  22. So many wonderful ideas! Thanks for this great list!

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