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Teaching Kids the Lost Art of Check Writing – Why It’s Important

Art of writing

Writing paper checks in this day and age of quick online transfers seem primitive, to say the least. Yet, for some mysterious reasons paper checks are still around. We have all heard rumors of big banking corporations attempting to make these ancient payment slips obsolete. A few years ago, Bank of America was contemplating scrapping their check service. That really didn’t pan out as the bank still allow consumers to buy and use checks. Even with all its inconveniences, there is a good chance paper checks are not going anywhere anytime soon.

If your children have mastered the basic of writing, then it’s may be time to get out the old checkbook and teach them how to write checks. While most people would argue that checks may not survive by the time the kids grow up to perform banking chores (they are probably not wrong), there are a few other associated benefits. For starters, checks introduce kids to the basics of financial transactions and allow them to grasp the concept of banking accounts. Writing checks can also help them improve their writing and logical reasoning skills. All you need is a checkbook linked to an unused account, a pen, and your kid’s undivided attention. If you don’t have checks you can spare, consider ordering next day checks from an online check printing website. They are cheap and thus can be ordered in bulk.

Kids Learn How to Write Numbers and Words

Writing on a check may seem like a menial task for adults, but it can prove to be quite the challenge for kids who are still on their way to fully developing their penmanship. It involves penning down both numbers and words. Kids also need to practice staying above the lines and masterfully hug them with letters without crossing them. They are also introduced to the challenge of space management as they would need to finish writing before the lines end. Writing the recipient’s name can be turned into a fun affair as kids can be encouraged to fill in that space with superhero names.

Improves Logical Reasoning Skills

Converting a number to words is a basic skill that some adults still struggle with. Besides writing numbers in words, kids also get to write the date by checking a calendar. This improves both their calendar-reading as well as date-writing skills. Here’s where you can combine all the skills and test your child’s reasoning ability. Give them problems like “write a check to Joe for $200 for the date of 22nd December 2018”. You can even teach how to mark bearer and account payee checks to make things interesting. In the end, your children don’t just learn how to write a check, they hone their problem-solving skills by receiving information and making decisions.

Helping Them Create a Unique Signature

From receiving packages from the mail guy to drafting agreements and official documents, kids see adults signing all the time. The dramatic sweeps, twirls, loops, and dashes are quite intriguing and they thus influence children to do the same. You can use checks as a medium to teach children how to develop their signatures. Allow them to go crazy before they stumble upon a sign that they love the most. With repeated practice, the kids would face no trouble constantly replicating their signature.