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Examining The Psychological Makeup: How Come When a Narcissist Gets a New Supply They Still Monitor Their Old Supply

how come when a narcissist gets a new supply they still monitor their old supplyWhen a narcissist acquires a new supply, it may seem perplexing that they continue to monitor their old supply. This behavior can be attributed to several factors related to the narcissist’s psychological makeup and need for control.

How Come When a Narcissist Gets a New Supply They Still Monitor Their Old Supply

When examining the perplexing behavior of narcissists, one cannot overlook their inherent need for control. This desire to maintain power and dominance extends even to their interactions with past sources of supply. Let’s delve deeper into this phenomenon to better understand why narcissists continue to monitor their old supply.

The Emotional Power Struggle

For a narcissist, relationships are seen as a means to bolster their ego and feed their insatiable need for admiration. When they secure a new source of supply, it may seem logical that they would move on from previous connections. However, the reality is far more complex.

Narcissists derive a sense of power and control from being able to manipulate and influence others. By monitoring their former supply, they can ensure that they still exert some level of emotional influence over them. This ongoing emotional power struggle serves as validation for the narcissist’s inflated sense of self-worth.

Continuing to Assert Dominance

Narcissists thrive on maintaining a dominant position in all aspects of life, including relationships. By monitoring their old supply, they assert continued control over these individuals. It becomes a way for them to remind themselves and the previous supply that they are still important in their lives.

Moreover, by keeping tabs on ex-partners or friends, narcissists also create an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty among those who were once close to them. This manipulation tactic allows them to retain a degree of authority over the emotional well-being and actions of these individuals.

Signs of Obsessive Monitoring

The extent and intensity with which narcissists monitor their old supply can vary from case to case. However, there are certain signs that may indicate obsessive monitoring:

  • Constantly checking social media profiles or online activities
  • Inquiring about personal details or current relationships through mutual acquaintances
  • Excessive questioning or attempts at reestablishing contact
  • Engaging in covert surveillance or using third-party sources to gather information

It’s important to note that these behaviors are not only intrusive but also a clear indication of the narcissist’s need for control and their inability to let go of past connections.

Understanding the underlying motivations behind a narcissist’s continued monitoring of their old supply can provide insight into the complexities of their behavior. By recognizing these patterns, individuals who have been involved with narcissists can begin to break free from their influence and regain control over their own lives.

The Impact of New Supply on the Narcissist’s Ego

When it comes to narcissists and their pursuit of new supply, a perplexing phenomenon often emerges: they continue to monitor their old supply even after moving on. This behavior can be seen as part of a psychological game of manipulation that narcissists employ to maintain control and feed their ego.

One possible explanation for this monitoring is that narcissists thrive on power and attention. By keeping tabs on their previous sources of supply, they ensure that they still hold influence over them. It’s a way for them to assert dominance and remind themselves of their superiority, even when they have moved on to someone new.

Furthermore, narcissists often struggle with deep-seated insecurities. While they may project an image of confidence and self-assuredness, underneath lies a fragile ego that constantly needs validation. Monitoring their old supply allows them to seek reassurance that they are still desired or missed by those who were once under their spell.

The need for control also plays a significant role in why narcissists continue to monitor past relationships. By keeping an eye on their former partners, they can gather information about any potential threats or challenges to the new relationship. It serves as a way for them to safeguard against being discarded or replaced themselves.

In addition, maintaining contact with old supply provides narcissists with a safety net in case the new relationship fails or becomes less fulfilling. They might seek solace in knowing that there are familiar options available should things not go according to plan with the current partner.

Overall, understanding why narcissists monitor old supply despite having found new sources is complex but rooted in their psychological makeup. It revolves around exerting power, seeking validation, preserving control, and hedging against potential failures in the newly formed connections.