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Must-Have Timeless Fashion Pieces For A Busy Mom’s Wardrobe

Basic wardrobe essentials for business attire

As a busy mom, you probably don’t spend a whole lot of time flipping through fashion magazines. Between shutting your kids for dance class and soccer, making sure there’s dinner on the table that has some nutrients, and dealing with the constant tidal wave of dirty laundry: comfort trumps style. 

Shopping for yourself is probably a rare occasion, and you try to quickly pick up something for yourself while shopping for your kids. The word ‘fashion’ conjures up images of skinny teenage models on billboards and runways, none of which we can relate to. We likely have teenage daughters who’d know much more about what’s trending in the world of apparel. 

Let’s face it: we have those moments of accidentally glancing at a mirror and thinking, “Who is this old lady? What happened to that fun, college girl?”. We all feel frumpy sometimes. 

Our personal style can feel vintage and not in a good way.

But just because we’re busy doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to be well-dressed! And as a mom, you’re not looking to wear the season’s latest trends. 

You’d much rather build a wardrobe full of good-quality, re-wearable, timeless, stylish pieces that are comfortable and never going out of style.

You’d be surprised how what we wear decides how we feel. I’ve always noticed that dressing myself (even for a grocery trip!) and getting a few compliments from friends/colleagues can fuel me throughout the day. When you feel good about yourself, you go about your day with newfound strength and confidence

You’ll get done with work better and be happier around your family! They’ll notice the difference as well. 

So, let’s get right into it!

Building a Wardrobe

If you look at your closet and all you can see is worn out and faded clothes that you’ve worn for years, it’s probably time to revamp your entire wardrobe. 

If you have the objective of getting a new wardrobe and go shopping, chances are you’ll spend way too much and buy lots of unnecessary pieces. 

To do this, you’ll need a very systematic approach. 

  • Let’s divide your entire wardrobe into two categories. Basics and Statements.
  • Basics are pieces that are your everyday wear. This doesn’t just mean white t-shirts, but it expands over all the essential items a wardrobe would comprise. That’s T-shirts, Blouses/Tops, Jeans/Trousers, Dresses/Skirts, and Coats/Jackets.
  • Statements are quite self-explanatory. These are prints and eye-catching pieces that you’d occasionally wear to impress and look your absolute best. 

It always makes more sense to spend money on Basics. 

Basics are elevated everyday wear that you can create different outfits with. It adds subtle style without being recognizable. 

For example, those jazzy bright red flare pants you own look great but are instantly recognizable. You can’t wear them more than once without it seeming like you wear the same thing all the time.

We all have a terrible habit of going shopping and spotting that one absolutely stunning dress that costs a bomb, and you have no idea when you’d wear it. 

We feel like spending on that one dress because it’s beautiful, but for the same money, we could buy 4 Basic items that would help us look stylish and put-together every day. 

Think of it as junk food. When you take your kids grocery shopping, they want to pick up the sugary cereal and candy, but you know that you have to buy vegetables and fruits for them to eat for every meal. 

Get New Jeans

I know we tried hopping on the trend of skinny jeans some time ago even though it was uncomfortable, but I have good news for you now. Those tight skinny jeans are no longer in fashion, and we can go back to wearing the comfortable baggy high waisted jeans we wore in college in the 70s and 80s! 

The latest jeans are called “mom jeans”! All the kids wear them these days, but they look dignified and polished at any age. Loose jeans can upgrade your daily look and be comfortable enough to run errands and do daily chores. 

Black jeans or black trousers are also a staple that should be there in your wardrobe. This is an excellent example of a comfortable outfit with black jeans.

Basic Blouses

Blouses are the best way to seem elegant and well-dressed while also being comfortable. These days, when I’m shopping, all I seem to see is crop tops. Now I have nothing against crop tops, but they feel too teenage for me to wear myself. I’d prefer blouses with stylistic elements, like a bit of frill, cuffs, or pockets that make it look simple but stylish. 

Go for colors that will go with everything. You must have a few ‘whites,’ which are a range of light-colored blouses. Look for cream, off-white, blush pink and other light and breezy colors that you can pair with anything. 

Try to also get solid dark colors like a good navy blue and black. 

This is a simple pinstriped blouse that has a stylistic element: the collar. The woman looks fashionable and polished. Her bright orange lipstick gives the look a ‘pop’. 

I love this blouse because it’s so feminine and flowy and yet simple. You could wear this thrice a week, and people wouldn’t really notice, as long as you wore different pants each time. 

Plain white blouses are so versatile. This woman pairs it beautifully with a creased midi skirt. 

Don’t shy away from Dresses and Skirts!

I used to feel awkward wearing dresses as an everyday outfit. I felt like I was quite literally “dressing up too much” or trying too hard. But wearing a comfortable, well-fitting midi dress makes the day such a breeze. It’s just one item to wear, so you don’t have to fuss around too much while getting ready. 

You also look like you have refined taste! Shop for dresses that have structure and are of good breathable quality. Try to buy linen!

This is a perfect example of a statement piece. It’s a beautiful vivid print, yet something that’s can be worn on a regular weekday. 

A beautiful sundress that will make you feel your best without feeling over-dressed. 

What a comfortable yet fashion-forward outfit! The asymmetrical silhouette definitely makes her look posh and elegant while in solid plain colors. 


Coats and jackets can be the most expensive item to stock your wardrobe with. The key is to stick with neutral colors that can go with virtually anything. 

To start off, make sure you have a black and beige coat. Warm browns and taupe are perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. 

Longer coats always give a more sophisticated look. 

Have fun!

Shopping for a new wardrobe can be really fun. You’re doing this for yourself, as self-care. Clothes can only be a reminder of how we feel on the inside, so make sure you dress yourself like a million bucks — because that’s who you are!