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Being Mr Mom Was Hard

This weekend was busy to say the least and I am not sure how single moms and dads do it.  I was without Melinda for less than 24 hours and it feel like I was going to die (maybe a slight exaggeration).

Melinda was at Bloggy Bootcamp in Philadelphia Friday night and Saturday which left me alone with the kids.  I want everyone to understand that I am not complaining that she went I just want to explain how busy it was without her.  Usually we will do a divide and conquer but I was solo on Saturday.

Here is a breakdown of my Saturday.

  • Took Shae to dance which runs from 10:30am – 11:30am
  • While Shae was at dance (closed to parents) I ran to get Melinda’s van washed and vacuumed
  • Picked Shae up from dance at 11:30 then went home to get her changed for a noon birthday party
  • At noon dropped off Sabreena, Shaun and Shae at the birthday party
  • After I dropped the kids off at the birthday party I took my car to get it washed and vacuumed
  • Went food shopping after my car was clean
  • Went home to put the groceries away
  • Got the two dogs  then went back to the party to pick up the kids
  • Dropped the dogs off at home
  • Took the kids to the mall for bathing suits (a lot happened while at the mall)
I typically don’t mind going shopping with the kids but at the very first store all hell broke loose.  While Shaun was in the dressing room trying on bathing suits I hear Shae crying.  I see Sabreena with her so I figured they were having some sort of argument that made Shae cry.  I then see Sabreena carrying Shae over to where I was and Sabreena told me Shae tripped, feel and slammed her head on the tile floor.  When I looked at her head I dam near passed out because she has the biggest goose eggs that I ever saw.  Thankfully am employee was in the area and ran to get some ice for Shae’s head.  I instantly went into panic mode because I wasn’t sure what to do so I took and picture and text it to Melinda to see what she thought I should do.  I want to say that I was totally not ready or equipped to handle this kind of traumatic situation what so ever.  I felt like I was going to have a panic attach because I was afraid Shae was seriously injured.  Thankfully after an hour or so no symptoms of a concussion appeared so that made me feel better but I did ask her random questions throughout the day like “count to ten” and “tell me your name” so I could be sure she knew what was going on.

This was 10 minutes after Shae hit her head

  • Took Shae to the Disney store for a treat since she dam near split her melon open
  • Finally left the mall and went home
  • Put pizza in the over and was about to take a shower when I got a text from Melinda
  • Went to pick Melinda up at a friend’s house who drove Melinda home from Philly
  • Stopped at Wawa so Melinda and I could get dinner since the kids ate the pizza
  • Went home to eat dinner
  • Chatted With Melinda for a while
  • Melinda went to bed and I worked on my new computer that I won in a giveaway
My Saturday started at 10am and ended at 10pm.  At 10pm I finally relaxed while the house was quiet for about two hours before I went to bed.  I guess I could have done a few less things that I listed but that isn’t who I am.  Crazy thing is I am already in panic mode for August when Melinda will be at BlogHer 12 for three days.  I am so going to die or have to hire a full time baby sitter, LOL.

I Disclose

What It Takes To Be A Dad

I was asked to talk about the World’s Greatest TV Dad contest over at Man of the house and it got me thinking about being a dad and what makes a great dad.

After looking over the TV dads the one that I can most relate to is Michael Kyle from My Wife and Kids. He and I have a lot in common especially when it comes to messing with our kids. I remember watching My Wife and Kids and laughing because some of the things he did to his kids I do to my kids like joke around and poke fun all in good humor. He also always made sure to teach his children life lessons along the way through his humor which I feel I do but probably should do a little more.

To me being a good dad means being there for your kids when then need you most no matter how good or bad the situation is and provide non stop unconditional love. Do I get mad and annoyed at my kids sometimes depending on how they are acting? Yup, but I wouldn’t change a single thing and I would do anything for my kids.

I try to mirror myself after my own father but this is a very hard task. He is the type of person that will do anything for anyone no matter what and I wish I was more like him in this area. My dad was pretty hard on us growing up but thinking back now it was just to make sure we were good decent people. At the time I didn’t see it that was but I do thank him now for that and I hope my kids understand why I am so hard on them one day as well.

Being a dad these days is sooo hard. You have a lot of outside forces to contend with that just makes your job so much stressful and difficult. I feel like if you stick to your guns and do the best that you can it will all work out in the end and that is what the kids will remember when they become adults.

Head over to Man Of The House and vote for your favorite TV Dad.

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Holiday Wishlist 2010 – Powermat Review and Giveaway

If you are anything like my family then you have nine million things that need to be charged. In our house we have three cell phones, two blue tooth devices, three iPod’s and a Nintendo DS and were in desperate need of a charging station.  Thank goodness we got a chance to review the Home & Office Mat with Powercube from Powermat.

The home and office mat with Powercube is really cool because you can charge up to three devices at one time by either using a receiver or the Powercube.  Powermat also offers portable mats for that person who is always on the go.  The Powercube comes with either 2 tips : Mini USB and Micro USB or 8 tips : Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung, LG, Apple, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS Lite, Sony PSP making it a very universal device.   The Powercube is what I use to charge my Blackberry 8530, Melinda’s Samsung Fascinate and both of our Jawbone Icon Bluetooth’s.  The Powercube allows you to charge hundreds of devices wirelessly. 

The Powermat to me is the most versatile charging system out on the market today with so many different options it would be hard to find a device that it wouldn’t charge.  It is simple to use with its audio confirmation which is a unique sound that lets you know your device is connected properly and charging.  The Powermat also had auto shut off and full charge check allowing you to save energy and not overcharge your device.  It is also a very affordable system versus having to buy multiple home chargers for your cell phone, Bluetooth or any other device you might need to charge at home or while in the office.   

If you are looking for a device that is slim, sleek and allows you charge many devices with one plug then you need to get yourself or that gadget person on your holiday list a Powermat.

Want a Powermat of your own head over to Powermat and tell me what item or items you like or something cool about the products.

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