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We are headed in the right direction

We finally had our meeting with Shaun’s teachers, filled out some evaluation papers and met with the doctor.

Shaun indeed has ADD(no surprise). Thankfully there are no other issues to deal with such as violent or aggressive tendencies or an inability to learn. His teachers sung his praises about his intelligence and eagerness to participate and how sweet he is. The problems are his lack of focus, careless mistakes and following through on tasks. We have those same challenges at home along with emotional outbursts; crying.

We’ve started him on medication on Sunday. I hope to see some improvements by week’s end.   Along with his medications we need to work on some behavior management. Unfortunately we are a yelling family; we know we need to change this but especially more now. A month ago we just thought he was being a pain in the ass but now that we understand better what is going on we can handle it much better. I’m just happy to  know my boy isn’t broken.

Thank you everyone for your kind words, support and well wishes. We will keep you all updated with the progress, challenges and changes going on.