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Fun DIY Projects to Treat Your Dog

DIY projects treat your pet

You don’t have to be über-crafty to whip up treats and toys your dog will adore. Follow these guidelines for quick, easy, and effective rainy-day solutions, brought to you by

#1. No-Bake Eggy Delights

Raw eggs are great sources of amino acids and lots of vitamins. And did you know that the calcium in the shell is great for your dog’s bones and teeth? Be sure to select organic eggs, preferably farm-raised if you can find them. Carefully wash the outside of the egg to guard against salmonella and other bacteria.

You’ll need:

2 eggs

1 cup shredded carrots

8 oz. canned pumpkin

Mix all ingredients, including eggshells, in a bowl. If the pumpkin is watery, add more carrots or an extra egg, or simply drain away the liquid at the top of the can. Serve the full bowl to your pup directly as a hefty afternoon snack or shape into balls and chill in the refrigerator. Share treats as desired, but don’t try to store them overnight–these are meant to be eaten within 12 hours.

#2. Tough-Enough Rope

Here’s a fun accessory for backyard tug-of-war: Tear or cut an old towel lengthwise into 9 even strips. Braid each set of 3 together, knotting lightly at each end for a temporary hold. Then braid all 3 braids together, taping or knotting one end to hold it in place. Create big, tight knots to hold each end in place (loosening the smaller knots first if it helps). Bonus? Use two color-contrasting towels to create two of toys with more pop.

If the towel is too big or thick, cut thinner strips, or roll each strip into a narrower shape for braiding.

#3. Doggy Box

If you have a small pet, you might find an appropriately-sized wooden crate up for grabs in a grocery store. For bigger dogs, use a metal dog crate with the front door removed or go old-school with a large cardboard box.

First, cover the back and sides with an old sheet. Use hot glue to keep it in place in a crate or cardboard box, or thread ribbon ties through all the corners on a metal crate. Then, fold an old blanket over a few times to fully cover the base. Seal the base up to 3” around the sides with a duct-taped trash bag and top with a puppy pad if incontinence is an issue. Otherwise, simply make sure the blanket is clean and dry each time your pet uses the box.

For an added effect, you can build a curtain from leftover parts of the sheet to cover the front, and tie back with ribbon hot-glued to each side. Your dog will love having a space of their own that’s covered and shaded! Maybe now you won’t find your pup chewing your shoes in the closet anymore… and you can fill the box with stuffed animals, chew toys, and other doggy delights for quiet downtime.