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The Saltine Challenge

I decided to try this after my failed attempt at eating a teaspoon full of cinnamon.  I guess I thought eating 6 dry crackers was more doable, LOL.  After my cinnamon stunt I was thinking about maybe doing a stunt a week if I can continue to come up with ideas that are clever but won’t leave me wounded.  After hearing about the Saltine challenge Greg over at Telling Dad decided he was in as well because he said he was a Saltine wood chipper. LOL.  I guess we we will see if he was successful.  

Miss Blondie thought eating 6 Saltine’s in 60 seconds couldn’t be done so she decided to make a bet with me.  If she won I needed to do a video telling everyone how she was right and I sucked but since I completed the challenge sucessfully I will be waiting for her video telling me how great I am.  Man being a winner feels so good especially after my cinnamon fiasco. 

If you have any ideas for the next stunt please let me know as I am running out of ideas fast.