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Owning my Strong and my Weakness #Mudderella

It was the worst day of my life. I’m not proud to admit it but I regretted it 20 minutes in.Mudderella #CapitalRegion

Mudderella isn’t for the faint at heart and it definitely isn’t for those lacking healthy fitness regimens. I had high hopes for myself thinking it was going to be lots of fun and motivating because of the large groups of women all struggling to get through the obstacles together.

I was wrong.  Partly due to my own lapse in judgment and some due to poor planning.  The event itself looked like it was organized and planned out well except for the parking.  That itself put us 40 minutes past our scheduled start time.  When we approached the corral to start it was empty. We were informed we were the last group going out. This was a bit disheartening. It meant we were already last before we even started.

My teammates and I started off strong. The path was rough but it felt good to actually get moving.  The heat caught up to me, quickly. Approaching the 3rd obstacle I felt terrible.  The sun was beating down the water stop was way behind and I couldn’t think to take another step. I bailed.  I pulled over to the side go sick, got a water bottle off some really kind spectators and waited. Mudderella #CapitalRegion

I felt terrible. I watched women of all ages, sizes and handicaps pass where I was sitting in the shade. I knew I didn’t take this seriously.  I knew I didn’t train the way I should’ve. I regretted it for the next 45 minutes just waiting for my teammates.

I was asked by an older woman if this was where I stopped, did I quit at this spot. I said no, I took a shortcut to wait for my friends. She said it didn’t matter, that I did what I could do and she was proud of me.  I felt like such a bum.  She didn’t see that but that’s what I felt like inside. Mudderella #CapitalRegion

Mudderella is all about what this woman did for me. Empowerment, motivation and strength. She didn’t see my failure, she saw my attempt. I’m not sure If I’ll do this kind of even again but I do know I have to have the strength to try new things and push myself to work harder.

Did I have fun? Yes, regardless of the miserable outcome I had a great time.  I’m glad to be a part of this event to bring awareness to Futures Without Violence also.  Mudderella is committed to a great cause — the prevention of domestic violence and supporting those affected by it.

Futures Without Violence is a national nonprofit that is working to prevent and end domestic violence by developing innovative programs and policies that:

  • support victims, survivors, and their families and help them get to safety
  • educate individuals about the critical roles that we all have to play in promoting healthy relationships
  • promote mutual respect as the foundation of healthy relationships
  • support children who are exposed to violence at home and in school
  • enlist health care providers and health systems to improve domestic violence responses
  • and much more

When participants register for Mudderella, they are asked if they want to set up a fundraising page. When participants raise money for Futures Without Violence, they make an investment in positive solutions that are helping women, children and families everywhere own their strong, and future!

Register today at a event in your area. Plus get 20% off by using discount code MUDDBLOGGER20 for the remainder of events in 2015

Colorado, August 22, 2015
Pittsburgh, September 12, 2015
Whistler, September 26, 2015
New England, October 3, 2015
Melbourne, November 7, 2015

Don’t do what I did though. Train, and train right for the event. You don’t need to be an athelete, a runner or a gym rat but you need to be ready for it. The Mudderella training that they offer is great. I did some of it, obviously not enough though.

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Fitmark Bags for Healthy Food on the Go

In our house it’s pool season. Our neighborhood pool is like a 2nd home from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Being there all day is so much fun but it can wreck havoc on  my body when I’m trying to eat healthy.  Planning out my meals has been imperative for the last few weeks as I’m tried to get in better shape and establish healthier habits.  The snack shack is home to ice cream, candy, chips, easy mac, microwave popcorn and soda. The only good choice for me is a fudge pop at less than 100 calories.

I ‘ve been packing snacks, shakes and food in my Fitmark bag instead.  I received The Box LG for review just in time to pack up for a day at the pool.  The convenience is paramount with its four large seal-tight containers. Each container can hold 2 sandwiches for the kids or a hefty salad for me, a few granola bars plus cut up fruit and veggies. It will hold enough for a few hours sitting by poolside.Fitmark Bags, Totes and Accessories #review #health

Fitmark Bags, Totes and Accessories #review #health

The insulated tote along with the included icepacks kept my contents cool while sitting in a shady spot.  The shaker bottle is too small for my protein drinks but Sabreena likes it for her fruit smoothie.

While this bag is meant for someone that is hardcore into their meal management it works perfectly for me and my family too.

Key Features

  • 4 Seal-Tight Meal Containers, BPA Free
  • Custom Shaker Bottle with vitamin and protein mix organizer, BPA Free
  • 2 high quality Ice Packs (1 LG and 1 MED – TSA Approved)
  • Keeps food fresh, longer
  • Lightweight, portable
  • Exterior pocket for your water bottle
  • Swivel action center dividers for organization
  • Back side pocket for your workout and diet journal
  • Interior labeled inspiration
  • Luggage strap and attachment
  • Made with high-grade ballistic nylonFitmark Bags, Totes and Accessories #review #health

Fitmark creates entire lines of functional lifestyle bags for the gym rat to the yogi to the runner and even moms like me who want simple solutions for staying healthy and making smarter choices. No shoes, no apparel, no supplement, just bags and accessories to go along with those bags.Fitmark Bags, Totes and Accessories

Fitmark bags are guaranteed to be made with the highest quality materials to stand up to the toughest abuse. If you aren’t satisfied then you’ll bag will be replaced against any defects in the product materials or manufacturing. Whatever your fitness or health passion is Fitmark can fill the void with function and convenience instead of passing trends and second-rate quality.