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Increase your readership through email marketing: Check out 5 simple tips. Learn more about how you can earn more readers through proper email marketing strategies.

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Increasing your readership through email marketing is easy, but you need to work consistently and follow a proper formula. Keep reading, and learn more about 5 simple tips that will certainly help you get it right from day one!

1 Optimize the content of your email

One of the most important things you should do is to optimize the content of your emails. This means that you should start with a killer headline. This is the first most important thing to consider when creating emails. Headlines should be attractive because they are the first things people will read! To create a headline worthy of your brand, you should aim for something between 5to 15 words, going for a catchy, casual and intuitive approach. After you came up with the perfect headline, it’s time to think about the body of the email! A text should never be too long. Generally, anything from 20 to 200 words would be ideal, really depending on the particular context of your situation. Make sure that the content is well written and optimized properly. This way, you can ensure better content readability and much higher chances to appeal to your readers! Once you got the bulk of the text out of the way, it’s time to think about a catchy conclusion, something that is going to make people visit your website or click on your links. A “call to action” is perfect in this case. Whether you are going for something personal, such as an invitation, or something more understated, such as highlighting a website link, it’s really important to finalize this step to optimize the content of your email. This 3-step formula is a sure-fire was o maximize every email you send, and it works every time due to its universal appeal.

2 Include perks for your readers

Make your readers feel like they’re not just being sold to! If you offer them something unique with your email, they will certainly appreciate what you have to offer!

3 Create share-worthy emails

The best emails are the ones that jump off the inbox. In the best case scenario, your reader won’t just be reading your email and move on to something else. He will be so galvanized by the content, that he will be willing to share it with his friends via email, or social media. Make it easy for people to share your content. Isn’t just about creating great emails, but also present easy ways for people to share the content. Keep social share links handy, if possible, and make sure to do so in a subtle way. Often times, requesting your readers to spread the word won’t be effective. They are going to need to do soon their own. This is the only way you can appeal to them and truly make a difference!

4 Include appropriate links and media.

Adding media (such as pictures and videos) as well as links, can maximize the full reach of your emails, as well as helping you drive more traffic to your website. However, it’s important not go overboard, and avoid using too many links and media!

5 Improve the consistency of your emails with dedicated email marketing software.

Marketing tools such as EMMA can do wonders for your productivity. It’s one of the best ways to process large loads of emails, using a specific all-in-one platform that can assist you in many ways.