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I Daydream #wordsmatter @Hallmark

As a child I remember sitting in the playground imagining a different life. This didnt’ stop as I got older. I’m a daydreamer. I always have been. That doesn’t mean I’m not happy with my life it just means I like to wonder “what if”. daydream #wordsmatter Hallmark

 The world is a funny place.  We’re presented with different paths. Our destiny is decided in a split second; our future is created. Do you ever wonder what would happen if you didn’t walk into that classroom and met your best friend? Do you ever wonder what would be different if you didn’t break up with that ex?
Do you believe in fate or do you think life happens by chance?
I believe in a little of both but I look at my family and couldn’t imagine my world without them. I made the decisions in my life to end up exactly where I am today. I would take the same path again.
This doesn’t mean I dont’ like to pretend I’m on an island with my toes in the sand, independently wealthy and free of all worries. This is why I {daydream}.
This wall decor comes from Hallmark.
daydream #wordsmatter Hallmark @Dayspring
daydream #wordsmatter Hallmark @Dayspring
The Dayspring Letterpress Blocks let you create a moment in your home or office to reflect on what matters to your.  Because #wordsmatter it’s important to keep those words, phrases and poems on your mind and within sight so you don’t forget what they mean to you.  Dayspring makes it easy with a selection of sizes and fonts so your creation fits you. Shop NOW and get 20% by using coupon code   Love20. This code expires on 12/31/2015.
2014 disclosure

Hallmark #KeepsakeIt Sweepstakes & Giveaway

It the time of year that we really sit and remember the time that has gone by. Memories flood my brain as I unbox each ornaments and the kids try to remember where each one came from. Rob circles the tree adding the lights in a meticulous pattern. It’s Christmas season.Hallmark #KeepsakeIt Ornament Giveaway

Hallmark #KeepsakeIt Ornament Giveaway

Hallmark #KeepsakeIt Ornament Giveaway

During this time we also play holiday movies in the background. We don’t do heartwarming or old fashioned we go right for funny as the movies the kids choose are usually a mix of Elf, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation or The Grinch starring Jim Carry. This means we’re laughing and reciting lines as we’re decorating. This means the kids are re-enacting absurd scenes from some of their favorite movies. This means we’re enjoying the time we’re spending together.

This year will be no different. We’ll do what we always do but we’ll be able to add a fun new ornament to the mix. Hallmark has sent us a has sent us a keepsake to fit right into our traditions, The Grinch’s Heart Grew Three Sizes.Hallmark #KeepsakeIt Ornament Giveaway

The kids already noticed the new ornament in its box and asked to watch the movie. This means that building our collection by using our memories, family vacations and experiences is working. Thanks Hallmark for helping our family create, build and memories over the years.

Enter to win your own Hallmark Keepsake. Share your favorite family moments that you’d love to commemorate with a keepsake.

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Hallmark Coupon for the Holidays

Just in time for holiday shopping get your Hallmark Coupon for $5 off purchases of $10 or more.

Hallmark is a shopping destination for the holidays for more than just greeting cards. Gifts, storybooks, festive decor and memory keeping tools are on many wishlist why not shop for everything in one place.

get $5 off your $10 or more purchase at your local Hallmark Gold Crown Store with this printable coupon. Just click the coupon below to take you to the printable coupon.

Hallmark Coupon for the Holidays


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When You Can’t Find The Words #Hallmark

Hallmark is there. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting with Hallmark events 2 in the past few weeks.

NYC’s Holiday Product Preview at the London Hotel was like a little taste of Christmas in the Summer. Hallmark went all out not just showcasing their new products and decor for the holiday season but offering holiday cookies to match the ambience.
New york city view london hotel
We got to see firsthand the innovative and interactive products for home decor and children’s memories.

hallmark christmas collections

The Philly HallmarkTour was entirely different and I think my favorite of the 2 events. This was a chance to meet the people behind the sappy notes and creative photographs.

hallmark tour philly

We had the opportunity to write own captions for photos of children. Our team didn’t win but I think we came up some great inspirational ideas. We were also given the task to write messages of encouragement for back to school time. This was something that I found hard. I have the feelings in my heart and my head but trying to get them on paper I became a blubbering mess. I wasn’t the only one though. I peered over and saw some glassy eyes From Sherry of BabyPop and Randi from SAHM’s Crazy Life.
Hallmark is a wonderful fell good brand. A company that I’ve turned to for many years for holiday ornaments, baby’s 1st birthday momentos, e-cards and more.

hallmark back to school messages

shae’s message to sabreena and shaun for their 1st day of school

I was lucky enough to bring home Story Buddy, Nugget.  The interactive plush comments and responds along to certain messages while you read the included book to your child.  I was dreading opening this because I wasn’t in the mood to “put together” a toy but he was literally ready to go once he was out of the box.

hallmark story buddy nugget
Thanks so much for the experience in both NYC and Philly.

I Disclose

Hallmark Kids Collection Cards to Encourage and Cheer Kids On Review and Giveaway-CLOSED

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Groundhogs Day; there’s a day for everyone and everything except for the most important thing in our lives, our children. Children need a special, “It’s all about me” day sometimes too. Hallmark is helping parents do that with their new Kids Collection; a line of cards and gifts designed specifically to cheer kids on, cheer them up and make them smile! Created to help adults’ encouraging words stick, they are little reminders to a child that you’re rooting for them every step of the way.

With 3 kids I’ve realized I don’t praise and encourage enough. There is always so much going on I tend to focus on things that need to be done rather on the things that HAVE been done. Report cards came out this week; straight A’s for Sabreena and very goods for Shaun. They haven’t been rewarded or patted on the back. Along with a card for each of them I think they deserve some special time with mom and dad. Realizing that encouragement for teens like Sabreena might need to differ from encouragement to younger ones like Shae or Shaun, Hallmark developed cards for all different stages of childhood and all different kinds of kids.

Need some help talking to your kids? Hallmark spokeskid and author Alec Greven is offering tips on encouragement and being your kids cheering section. His goal is to help grown-ups make their encouraging words resonate.

Win your own pack of Hallmark Kids Collection Cards here at LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Browse the Kids Collection and tell me something from their Tips and Inspiration section that you found helpful or motivating. This contest will have 3 winners, each receiving a mixed selection of the cards described above.

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