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Headband Holder DIY Tutorial

Shae is half girly girl half a miniature Shaun. She spends so much time with her big brother that the line of dainty and sweet is often crossed into to that of a tomboy. But when she wants to hold onto her girliness she slathers on the pink and flowers and sashays through daily life. Her headband collection has been exploding lately. Mainly because I keep making them but I only make them because she wears them. Since headbands don’t fit perfectly on Shae’s DIY hairbow holder I figured it was best to make a headband holder equally as cute.

headband holder tutorial diy

Supplies Needed
empty Oatmeal canister (small or large)
inner fabric ( i used fleece)
outer prettier fabric
1/2″ wide grosgrain ribbon (contrasting color works best)
Large artificial flowers and leaves, disassembled
hot glue

headband holder supplies craft

Start your project by measuring out a base fabric to plump up your oatmeal canister to give the headbands something to grip. I had black fleece on hand, I used that. I measured and cut so the fleece to fit just perfectly around and top to bottom. Glue the fabric to the container pulling firm but not over stretching it. Let the glue dry for a few minutes.

Next measure and cut your outer fabric so that it covers exactly the top and bottom and once all the way around the canister. Apply hot glue in small sections on your starting seam and ending seam. Pull fabric so it’s smooth and free of wrinkles and creases.

headband holder collage instructions

Use your grosgrain cover the outer edge of the canister lid. Turn the canister upside down so the ribboned lid is on the bottom.

Using glue proceed to cover the now top of your holder with leaves and flowers.

headband holder craft tutorial
Allow the entire project to cool and set for a few minutes then go ahead and add headbands.

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