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How to Make Your Office Space Look More Purpose Driven for Your Employees?

Purpose driven office space

Finding purpose at work doesn’t mean that you have to start working in the Amazon rain forest. Purpose can be found anywhere, in a 3×3 feet cubicle also. According to a research, there are three broad categories which act as a driving force for us to work. They are,

  1. To impact the whole world in a positive way through a short term or long term goal.
  2. To build meaningful relationships by helping others out.
  3. To grow continuously by fulfilling one’s interests and keep working towards self growth and goal achievement.

Now all of us working because of the one reason or the other mentioned above. Whatever be the purpose, once it is known then, the next step is to be able to fulfill it. For fulfilling a goal, whatever be it, we take up our respective jobs. It could be in the Amazon rainforest too, if that is what drives us and drives us enough!

But here we are particularly discussing about desk jobs confined in an office. Here, the problem that deters most people is the dying driving force. It may happen after working for a while. That is the particular issue whose solutions are discussed below.

Since in a nine-to-five job all the time is spent indoors, therefore the interiors of an office should be given attention. They should motivate a person whenever he or she feels lost and it should be a constant reminder of the goal they all are working towards.

  • Acquire the best tools for your employees

With software’s for every possible work available now, it won’t be difficult to find one that suits the needs of your employees.

  • Create a conducive environment for work

Comfort of the employees is of prime importance. If you expect them to stay glued to their work station from nine in the morning to five in the evening then it is your responsibility as an employer to at least create such an atmosphere. Install recliner chairs and  adjustable desks for the comfort of your employees.

  • Reduce noise pollution

According to surveys carried out in offices to find the major sources of distraction while working, noise pollution came out to be the major problem. Most offices are designed in a similar fashion. They all are cluster of cubicles with workers filled in them to work day in and day out. With so many conference calls to make or attend to customer queries or engaging in simple informal conversation, everything keeps on going over your head in a cubicle style office. Employees have many a times complained of lack of privacy which hinders their creative work process. It becomes difficult to concentrate with so much noise in the background.

You can do more than one thing to reduce the noise pollution in your office.

The material of the architecture matters a lot. Stone and brick walls do not absorb sound but instead reflect it. Use absorbing material like carpet and rugs and thick curtains so that they absorb some amount of noise.

  • Allot specific area for different needs

In an office one is not confined to only a particular task. From simple data upgradation to intensive brain storm sessions, each day is filled with work that contrasts each other. Hence different sections should be allotted for different work depending upon the nature of the work. For instance meeting rooms and cafeteria should be adjacent to each other. The noise from the cafeteria would disturb the meetings.