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36 Things People With Anxiety Want Their Friends To Know

anxietyOccasional anxiety is a normal thing when you are faced with a problem, taking a test or any other activity. But when this anxiety is not limited to short span of time but instead it remains longer than expected it may be a sign of anxiety disorder. For a person with anxiety disorder, the problem anxiety instead of fading away with time may get worse day by day. This can hamper the daily routine and also interfere with your daily activities, job performance, school work or any other task. Such people may find it difficult to maintain relationships but its not like they are not concerned about their relations but it’s the anxiety that interferes in between.
Thus there is a need to understand such people and offer a helping hand to such people. These people with anxiety also want people to understand them and thus here are the list of 36 things people with anxiety wants their friends to know-
1. You need to understand that when I am unable to do something I am the one who is disappointed the most with the failure. So understand me instead of taking it the other way.
2. Even if everything is going right, I might be waiting and constantly thinking about something terrible to happen. I am very pessimistic about this and thinking continuously in this regard.
3. When I seem quiet, I am not bored or sad. A lot of things have already occupied my mind and I am constantly thinking about something or the other thing. My mind is never stable since I continuously think over things.
4. I am not being anti social or rude, its just I need my alone time to think over. Its not personal. Please give me my space but don’t forget me.
5. I might behave differently, all I expect from you is to understand my situation and don’t over react about it so that the situation may not worsen.
6. When I ask for my alone time or refuse to go out with you or decline your invitations you need to understand me instead of giving up on me as I too can’t help myself out of such situations.
7. I have no idea about when and where its going to hit me. So instead of that awkward reaction and being judgmental, I need you to support me by being at my side and proving me that you are my true friend.
8. When I behave differently than what you expected out of me don’t judge me because that is not even in my control and I can’t help it.
9. I don’t need you to do everything for me, but even your small efforts are appreciated and we may feel more comfortable with you and trust you more with our situation.
10. I too know that I have a problem so instead of trying to fix it in me please love me the way I am so that I can too feel happy about myself.
11. If I have refused to go out with your or refused to join any of your plans don’t start to ignore me, instead understand my situation and help me out.
12. I need you to reach out to me when I am suffering through it and don’t give up on me if I choose to isolate myself.
13. It feels good to have someone who loves you and even trusts you even after knowing that you are suffering from a problem. So its beneficial for us to know that you love us and trust us.
14. Its different for you and me, because the things which are normal to you might be stressful for me.
15. We wish to suffer silently because its hard to admit that we are upset over nothing.
16. Its normal as far as we anticipate the things like when and where its about to hit us. So be there for us when we need you.
17. Having anxiety is not always apparent thing but our subtle behaviors that we act on it most of the times.
18. Just because we are struggling doesn’t mean we are not trying to solve the problem we are facing. We might be composed at some moments and at the other moments we might be panicking.
19. If you have no idea about what to do when you are caught up in such a situation with us, just be there and listen to us. That will work out.
20. Don’t pass judgement on the people who are different than you, otherwise we may also experience some trust issues with you because we will think that you will behave with us in the same manner.
21. If your uncomfortable with us or don’t want to be a part of our lives, then let us know about the same.
22. There are some things which we can’t ignore or process away because its not easy to heal or solve every issue.
23. We may not be normal for every situation. Some times we may act awkwardly or differently. All we need from you is to understand us.
24. We just want to thank you for all the efforts you put in to help us and cope up with the difficult situations we are facing.
25. What may be irrational to you might be real for us, because we might be different from you in different aspects.
26. When I refuse to any of your invites, just don’t think that I am blowing you off. Its that sometimes I can’t accompany you just because I need to be alone and don’t want to face people.
27. When I behave differently, be patient with me instead of acting awkwardly with me because I need you to be more patient as even I am not able to control what I am feeling.
28. Sometimes when I am awkward, I even don’t have the idea why I am feeling so. I am not even aware of the reason why I am disappointed or sad over any thing.
29. It’s very difficult to live like this as it feels like drowning all the time. Its suffocating to live that way.
30. I am sorry about all the plans you had to cancel because of me but even its not in my control because sometimes I am not in a comforting situation to face the people.
31. Anxiety doesn’t have a look. Sometimes you may not even know we are suffering from it until and unless we tell you about it.
32. My mind is not at peace every time; instead I constantly analyze things and think about them.
33. When I ask for my alone time, or refuse to join your plans don’t take it as attitude. It’s just I can’t face people while I am being anxious.
34. If I refuse to do something, don’t try to convince me as it would only make the situation worse instead of solving it.
35. If I refuse to meet someone or I am not receiving your calls or anything like that, it doesn’t mean that I am antisocial. It’s the anxious problem I am facing which is making me do so.
36. I am afraid to admit my problem as I don’t want to admit that I am heaping mess of problems and when I cancel plans it has nothing to do with you.
Hence there is a need to understand such people and tackle them effectively so as to make them feel comfortable and good.