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Starting Your Morning Off Right #GIVEAWAY

I hear a lot of people say that they either don’t like breakfast or don’t have time for breakfast which to me is totally weird.  The Babiak’s take breakfast very serious.  Weekday breakfast is usually low key since we all get up and leave the house at different times but when the weekend rolls around that is when breakfast time gets real.  Weekends in the Babiak household typically start out with a nice homemade breakfast which includes pancakes, eggs, some kind of breakfast meat and lots and lots of coffee and juice.  

The kids also look forward to the weekend because they know they are going to get a nice homemade breakfast and can put oatmeal and cereal on hold until Monday.  I enjoy waking up early, turning on the coffee and the radio and making a nice breakfast for the family.  Shaun and Shae typically wake up a little after me and keep me company while I make breakfast.  We use weekend breakfast as a time to unwind and talk about the last week and begin planning the upcoming week.  I love sitting around the kitchen with a hot cup of coffee and just talking with the family, it’s very relaxing.

ATT_1455817580439_14458 (1)

There are some weekends where we are jam packed with activities but somehow we find a way to have a nice breakfast either Saturday or Sunday.  Weekends are times that I really enjoy and I hope the kids will remember as well and will carry on the breakfast tradition once they have kids.

Shae eating Hungry jack

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Michigan International Speedway with #HungryJack

I am a Hungry Jack Ambassador and this was a compensated trip but all opinions are %100 my own!!!!!

When I received an email to become a #HungryJack ambassador I was super excited because my first thought was “I LOVE PANCAKES” but once I found out that they were sending me to Michigan to do some site seeing and I was also getting the opportunity to attend the Quicken Loans 400 at Michigan International Speedway I became beyond excited.

I have never been to Michigan so I was excited to eat some of what Michigan had to offer and the first food stop was at Zingerman’s Deli which was featured in the movie The Five Year Engagement.  The menu was HUGE and the sandwiches were awesome.  When we first walked up to the deli there was a line just to get inside.  Once inside there was another line to order food which was totally worth the wait because the sandwich I ordered was AWESOME!!!


First line to get inside Zingerman’s Deli


This isn’t even the whole menu. I couldn’t get the whole thing in the picture. LOL

After we finish lunch we headed over to Kerrytown Market and Shops to check out some local shopping.  Kerrytown was named after County Kerry, Ireland, Kerrytown was part of the original village of Ann Arbor. Converted into markets and shops in the late 1960s, these historically old buildings have been meticulously maintained to preserve the timeless appeal of their brick and exposed beams.

The architecture of the building was really awesome and the shops were really nice with a lot of variety so there is something for everyone. I saw a ton of stuff that I wanted to buy but then I remember that I only brought a small carry on with no room to spare so my shopping was cut short but I did enjoy a really good cup of coffee while I was there.



Our food journey then continued to a really nice restaurant called Terry B’s where we had the chance to eat dinner and talk with the owners of the 47 car – Tad and Jodi.  Again no surprise the food (I ordered the Tuna) was really really good and the desert was even better.  I only say that because I am a HUGE desert fan.  If you are reading this and thinking I keep talking about eating that is because I ate almost the ENTIRE time that I was in Michigan.  Ok, back to the dessert at Terry B’s.  The options were great and I was torn between the Potted S’Mores and the Molten Almond Joy.  I almost ordered both but instead of being a pig I decided on the Molten Almond Joy which was so freaking good.


Tuna with Shrimp Pot Stickers



Molten Almond Joy

Sunday arrived and that meant race day at Michigan International Speedway.  The only thing that was a real bummer about the day was that there was rain in the forecast for the entire day.

IMG_0824 (1)

 When we got to the track we were taken to our suite which was on pit road.  The suite was really cool because were able to see cars come in and pit on pit road especially our man AJ in the #47 car.


Pit road

 Once we got settled in we were taken to the owners motor coach where we got to have an awesome Hungry Jack breakfast with AJ Allmendinger and then had a little meet and greet where we got to ask AJ questions.



Owners motor coach where we had breakfast


Meet and greet with the driver – AJ Allmendinger

This was a really neat part of the trip because Nascar fans would kill for the kind of access that we were given.  We got to eat with AJ then go into the garage area where we saw the team haulers, garage area where they work on the cars during the weekend and the inspection area where all cars are required to pass through before they are allowed to race.


Nascar officials inspecting the car


Garage area where the team haulers are parked. Look at the dude on the left with everything stuck to his head, LOL.


Garage Area

We then got to walk on pit road and got a full tour of the #47 pit box where all of the action happens during the race.


After we we got the full tour it was time for the 400 mile race to begin which is 200 laps.  The race only made it about 10-15 laps before the first red flag come out and stopped the race due to rain.  For people who know nothing about Nascar these cars can’t race on a wet track due to traction so the cars come on to pit road and wait for the rain to stop and for the track to be dried.


Drying the track after rain fell on the track

 The race got underway again but was delayed again due to more rain.  After 103 laps the race was called due to extreme weather and that was the end of the race, just like that.


This is how the race ended at lap 103


Flooding in the pit box

At first I wasn’t that excited to attend the race because I wasn’t really sure what to expect and I thought it would be a total snooze fest but boy was I wrong.  It was awesome and now I am totally a Nascar fan as well as an AJ Allmendinger fan who drives the #47 Hungry Jack car owned by JTG Daugherty Racing.  I am looking forward to watching the next race on TV and cheering for #47.


All in all this was a great weekend and an awesome trip to Michigan.  I go to meet and hang with a bunch of cool people during the weekend which made the trip a really good time. I hope to get back to Michigan International Speedway again but next time hopefully there will be no rain in the forecast.

IMG_1740 (1)

Me and the #HungryJack Crew!

This ambassadorship is a year long opportunity so make sure you stay tuned for more awesome posts and information about #HungryJack.