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Why Taking a Vacation Without Kids Can Be Good

One thing that many young couples forget when they have kids is that they are a couple. While taking care of your kids tops everything else, you can’t forget your partner. It is important to rekindle the romance after those beautiful, stressful nine months and the sleepless and hectic months or years following the birth.


We often get so engrossed in parenting that we forget we have duties towards our partners too. This goes for both parties involved. One of the perks of vacationing without your kids is that you can enjoy things that you used but haven’t been able to since having kids. You can take long trips, go out on wine nights, take a road trip without having to worry about your kid being cranky, simply not being allowed there, or numerous bathroom breaks.

The tiny perks include waking up when you want to, going to bed when you want to, no more getting up in the middle of the night, no more taking care of bedtimes and bedtime routines, having to bathe and dress only yourself, having to feed only yourself and your partner of course, all these little things don’t seem like a privilege when you don’t have kids. You also get to go the bathroom at your own leisure without your kid basically trying to tear the door down. You can sip your coffee in peace and maybe read a book.

If you both are working, then you anyway spend little time with each other, add children to the equation, and there is no time left. All your free time and weekends are focused on your children, and what little time you have left is used to rest.

Yes, you love your kids and want to give them the best, but you loved each other first, and that is something that you shouldn’t forget. When people forget that relationship needs if not more, the same amount of love and nourishment to flourish is when relationships die. Many couples forget to rekindle, and that is what makes the sparks in the relationship go away.

Your marriage and relationship with your partner is important too – if it fails, your children also suffer. They have to grow up in broken homes and deal with various issues. Taking a few days off isn’t selfish; it helps everyone in the long run. Yes, the vacation will cost you money. Yes, it can be saved for your children. But, remember you not only earn for your children, but you also earn for yourselves.

Many people do not spend on themselves when they become parents; this, in turn, makes them bitter towards their children in some way because they had to make sacrifices. This sours relationships. Vacations are also cheaper than years of couple counseling, family counseling, and therapy.

This is why you shouldn’t feel guilty to take vacations without your kids. Take time out as a couple or even as an individual. As important it is to maintain your relationship with your partner, your relationship with yourself tops everything. A healthy mind not only helps you but everyone related to you. You become more involved!