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Who Likes It Hot

The weather outside has been frightful with the occasional sunshine and sprinkle of snow. All this change in weather makes for crazy temperature changes outside and inside the house. These changes in the house usually result in fiddling with the thermostat, pulling out extra blankets or even turning on the ceiling fan. In our house […]

Do You Have an Exploding Toilet?

Before you head to the bathroom next, make sure you are not in danger. There has been a recall on Flushmate assisted toilets due to over 300 Flushmate systems bursting in the United States. These toilets were carried and sold primarily through Home Depot and Lowes and equipped with the Flushmate pressure-assist flushing system. See […]

SAFESKIN Healthy Hygiene Tips

Summer is wrapping up in our house. We are getting ready for school, football practice is in full swing and the nights are getting cooler. This doesn’t mean I let my guard down when it comes to water/pool/playground safety and keeping my kids healthy. MRSA is a real threat to everyone in almost any situation. […]