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What’s in your purse?

I recently did a little clean out of my purse. It had been a busy week, lots of errands and running around. My purse was feeling way unorganized so I literally dumped everything out on the counter to see what was causing the problem.
what's in moms purse, mom has everything in her handbag
Tea Anyone? There was more stuff in there for the kids than I typically carry for myself. The usual suspects are my wristlet/wallet, toiletry bag, reusable bags, sunglasses, hand lotion, notebook, sanitizing wipes and my phone. The mess you see above I blame on the kids. Movies, crayons, game cartridges, toys and even a dog toy was found in MY purse that week. The kids have their own bags and backpacks to carry their stuff when we are on the go so how all this stuff ended up in my bag is a bit confusing. What’s in your purse?