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10 Ideas to Decorate Your Kid’s Room


Kids’ rooms are supposed to be all bright and vivid – that is the first thought that will come into any parents’ minds. Here are some kids bedroom ideas to it magical, inspiring place for them. Read along the following tips and trick to find more:

  • Instead of covering the walls with wall hanging that you have bought from outside, you can use painting created by your child, frame them and use them in their bedroom. This shows that you are actually proud of them and it will turn the kids into much more confident individuals. You can buy frames of different sizes and arrange them to create a gallery on the wall.
  • You can paint the wall with colorful geometrical shapes or you can paint images of animals. Use stencils to get a proper shape. Make sure you don’t just stick to blue for boys and pink for girls, add more colors than the conventional ones that everyone uses.
  • You can use some of your kid’s old t-shirts, by cutting them and using them for a headboard. You can also stitch them up into pillow covers. It is a great way to showcase their personality.
  • You can turn your kid’s favorite cartoon character into a graphic wall art near the bed.
  • If your daughter wants to be a pretty ballerina you could paint a ballerina with hangers to hang her clothes or you could use your son’s skateboards to create a custom skateboard clock, which will add fun and excitement to the room.
  • If you are painting a nursery, go for chic and timeless colors that will keep the room atmosphere peaceful and calm. A coral turquoise combination is a cute and classic choice.
  • You can add cute storage bins to the room where the kids can keep their blankets, shoes, toys and books.
  • The most important part of the room is the reading desk. The reading nook should be pretty, not very distracting, but a place that is comfortable for them while they are doing their homework and studying for their tests.
  • Some kids are big fans of sports cars and famous music bands. Add some posters, maybe on the bedroom door.
  • You may want to try out those colored wash tapes and stick them to the wall to add a fun design to the room.