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Life Is About To Get Real Hectic Around Here

Life is going to be getting extremely hectic starting this Friday with Shaun’s Blue and Gold dinner for Cub Scouts then my birthday on Saturday. Also, on Saturday morning I have a 9:30am breakfast meeting with a few guys to discuss the football league and sign ups in April. The following weekend we need to take Sabreena to the dentist in Maryland.

Starting in April Shaun and Shae will be playing soccer which is every Saturday. The first Saturday in April Shaun has a soccer game and is in the District Pine Wood Derby the very same day. The following weekend is football sign ups for Shaun and he also has a soccer game. I will be helping during the football sign ups since I am going to be the head coach of his team starting in August. The following weekend we are going to a Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse game at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly. Me, Melinda and the kids are going to Reviewers Retreat at Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos in May. Soccer ends some time in June then I need to work with Shaun for the upcoming football season which starts in August.

Once August hits forget about it. There is football practice four nights a week and then the game on Saturday. Since I am the head coach I will be at every practice and game. Now that I am thinking about all of this stuff the list doesn’t even include Shaun’s Cub Scout meeting that takes place every Monday. Man life suddenly got extremely hectic but the kids will enjoy all of these activities and sports so it will totally be worth all of the running around that is going to be involved. Pray for me. LOL.

I Disclose

I Was a Millionaire Hairdresser Living In A Mobile Home Tonight

Tonight the whole family played The Game of Life.  Recently Sabreena, Shaun and Shae have been playing and tonight Melinda and I joined in on the fun.

I haven’t played Life in probably 20 years and had forgotten how many rules were involved.  Thank goodness Sabreena and Shaun knew the rules and helped us along.  I hope they didn’t trick me and Melinda. LOL.   Tonight Shae lasted about four turns before she bailed and watched cartoons.   Before she bailed she did get married and the funny thing is she put her husband in the very back row of the car and kept saying “Yeah I got married and I put my husband in the back seat.”  That is her green car below and the blue stick is her husband in the very back seat.

I started the game as a police officer but lost my job and became a hairdresser.  I lived in a mobile home and at one point had the most money in the game.  I was a millionaire hairdresser living in a mobile home and for the first time in my life felt good.

I finished the game last with 1.4 million dollars as I was plaque with lawsuits and a few other crazy expenses.  Sabreena finished first with about 1.9 million followed by Shaun then Melinda.  So for a brief moment I was flying high but in the end finished dead last.  Melinda said it was because I was the only one who didn’t go to college and started a career instead.

So tonight for a little while we put our real lives on hold to play the Game of Life which was a lot of fun.

Stressful Year End – Ready To Ring In The New Year!!!

The month of December for me has been a pretty stressful month to say the least.  You would think Christmas and shopping are the reasons for my stress but to be honest those two things were the least of my worries.  I have been going through some personal issues along with Sabreena’s surgery and also add on top of all of this a new job and I am at my stress limit.

I have been flip flopping on a new job offer since the beginning of December.  The offer is like anything else in life as it has its positives and its negatives.  Unfortunately I have been extremely unhappy at my current job that even with the negatives of the new position I still feel I am better off then staying where I currently am.  I hope I am making the right decision but I guess there is no turning back now.

I am so looking forward to the New Year and hoping things start to look up and things start to pan out like they are suppose to as I can’t deal with to many more months like this December.

Come on 2011 I am ready for ya!!!!

Are you ready to ring in 2011???