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4 Studio Photography Tips Every Photographer Should Consider


Clicking in a studio gives you an undue advantage of directing how you want the photograph to appear. Everything is under your control- Lights, camera, hair, background! So to make complete use of this advantage in hand, you might want to try out some tips and tricks to get the best photographs

(1) Using directional Lighting

Good lighting is the only key to a great picture. There are many ways of using light for your shot and one of those ways to use light to your advantage is by using the direction of light. What directional light can do is, it seems to highlight details that overhead light cannot. While one side the light fills in areas, and on the other side it creates deep shadows and dark contours. This careful control of lighting can hide and reveal exactly what the photographer wants the viewer to see. Good window light is always beneficial in good photography. You can place you subject near a window and let the directional light from the outside fall on the subject. You can even choose to use a reflector that can bounce off a light in whichever direction you want. Experiment with the light to get the perfect blend and tone.

(2) De-focus the Subject

Sometimes the subject is part of a portrait. Try to bring out the story of the picture by focusing on some other thing related to the subject. Try focusing on the subject’s hat and have a person standing a few feet away, reaching for this hat. You could try this with a kid’s toy or a woman’s shoe. Be creative!

(3) Use a polarizer to minimize glares (reflections) on glasses. Using a polarizing filter in studio can also help reduce the glare on people’s skin. Not everyone comes to a shoot with makeup, especially men. If, like me, they have an oily skin, the light can reflect on it. The polarizer can help reduce the retouching work

(4) Always be creative, always be fresh. Always be looking for a new angle, or a new way of looking at things. A good camera is always a good tip. These days most brand make good, in fact great cameras that are available in the market for a very affordable rate. There are a great range of different equipments available in the market, all that could help you get great shots.