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Receipts, Recipes and More with Neat Receipts

Leafing through magazines, catalogs and cookbooks searching for that just right recipe, home décor ideas or gift for someone…This is how I’ve been spending my nights sitting on the sofa.
So now I have a stack of papers there is no way I can work from it. This is where The Neat Company steps in to get my clutter under control. Using their Intelligent Text Recognition the Neat software captures key information to streamline the filing process. This works great when it comes time to scan in medical documents, receipts for tax purposes and Sam’s vet bills and vaccination records.

Once scanned in, the documents are searchable by keyword because all printed text is captured. This works well when I’m looking for Sabreena’s grades from a particular teacher or subject. This season I’m using the Neat Receipts to keep track of our holiday shopping. Once we get home I submit the receipt right away and track what gifts are for what person. Not only does this help with tracking our spending it helps with knowing how much we are spending on each kid. No more surprises when it comes time to wrap presents.

The Neat Receipts portable scanner is helpful for more than just tracking receipts and business cards for the small business person. Crafts, recipes, toy instructions and holiday card lists are some of the other ways you can utilize this handy tool for the holidays this year. At just over a pound in weight it’s also something that you can toss into your laptop bag and take along with you on weekends away, big shopping trips or to cookie swaps. Shop today in time for the holidays.

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It’s time to clean out the closet with Scout by Bungalow

I really like the house we live in. We have great living space, a modern kitchen, a HUGE outdoor space for the kids and everyone has their own room. What we lack is sufficient closet space in the master bedroom and linen closet. This means that my “work and dressy” clothes, purses and shoes go in Shae’s closet and our sheets sets go in Shaun’s closet. We actually aren’t infringing on their space because they don’t require all the space but it was becoming a mess.

shae's closet before cleaning

shaun's closet before cleaning

The kid’s closets needed some help. There was a little bit of everything everywhere so I was able to consolidate with a Scout by Bungalow Junque Trunk storage toteto get their sheets and towels in one space. As you can see from the before and after pictures that the tote itself fits so much stuff and keeps it looking good.

shaun's closet after organizing

Scout by Bunglow is a unique but functional bag collection that also ventrues into storage, organization and insulated food bags. I was already a fan of Scout by Bungalow. I currently use their Daytripper on a very regular basis when we head out for the day as a family. Take a peek at all the fun patterns and options Scout by Bunglow has to offer and shop today

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Moving with kids, help from storage units

Ever move with kids? It’s hard. This past summer we rented a portable moving and storage unit and it was the only thing that saved us. We were able to organize and pack early. The things that they could do without for a couple weeks were put into the mobile storage unit out of the way of our living space.

Using a portable storage unit allowed us to live normally while slowly and efficiently clearing out the house of out of season clothing, DVDs, books and extra everything else. The excess kid gear took up most of the room. We had wagons, scooters, beach gear, balls, a basketball net and containers and containers filled to the brim with craft and art supplies. With 5 kids we had a lot to move so besides our storage unit we also had to rent a truck; a rather large truck. A family of 5 can really accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. The unit made things a lot smoother on moving day. With half of the house already packed it made for a less stressful day. The idea of a portable storage unit seemed unnecessary at first. I thought a truck was all we needed but I will never go back to that all in one day packing and moving process again.

Zippy Shell Mobile Storage and Moving

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