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Innovative Games for Family Picnics

Family picnic

Sandwiches, soda, chips etc are essentials for any outdoor picnic taking place. But not only can these things make the picnic a fun outing. Some energizing activities are also required to make the outing a fun day to remember. Activities and game that kids and also adults will enjoy and keep them occupied. If these games are not there then boredom can cut short the picnic time very quickly. With the games for all age groups, these games also are the means for the laughter and create new memories to be remembered. Also these games make the family bond even stronger and encourage the good interactions among the family members. Some of these games are listed below:

1. The Banana game: All the members stand in a line where there is a starting mark. With the help of a string a banana is kept hanging from their waist and it hovers nearly above the ground level. Each player is provided with a ball in front of them. They have to swing the tied banana and hit the ball and make it cross the finish line first. The finish line is nearly 300 feet away from the start point.

2. Egg Race: this is one of the favorite games, and it is a great game when played in a large group. Teams of two members are made and these two members are made to stand 30 feet apart from each other. They should be facing each other. An egg is placed on the spoon which they have to hold with their teeth. Now the first player has to run to their teammate without letting the egg fall. They pass the egg to the teammate and he r she runs to the initial point to complete the race.

3. Charades: this is one of the traditional games are everyone enjoys it a lot. You have to come up with list of shows or movies or anything to act out and let others guess. You cannot speak at the time you are acting or describing the name of the movie or a show. Groups can be made and each category must be made from which then type of thing must be chosen to writ in the list. These categories could be:
• One movie
• One famous person
• One phrase
• One book
• One activity
And many more games are there which refreshes the family and cut the boredom away. These games always make the picnic time enjoyable and fun to be remembered.