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Pictures of Summer in NYC

a couple months back on one of the hottest days of the summer Steph and Kelly and I ventured into New York City for an event.  The event sucked but we made the best of it while walking the streets of NYC, through Chelsea Markets and Union Square and doing a little bargain shopping.

Here are some pictures I took while there.

chelsea markets clock

chelsea markets chinese paper lanterns

shopping in chelsea markets

folk art ferris wheel gumball machine

flower market close up

green apples in chelsea market

anthropologie chandelier chelsea market nyc

brownstone stoop and door nyc

Here is Matthew Silver, The Great Performer.  I spotted him half a block away across the street doing his thing in Union Square.

matthew silver the great performer

Where did you go this summer?

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Friday Fives-5 Beautiful Beaches

I’m back with another list of 5. This week is a list of 5 beaches I’d love to visit. You’ll never get me to say I want to go skiing or dog-sledding but point me in the direction of sun, sand and surf and I’m there. I chose these places because lets face it, the images are stunning and captivating.

What beaches have you either been to or want to visit that should be on my list?

Cape Town, South Africa

Cumberland Island, Georgia, USA

Maldives, Indian Ocean

Mykonos, Greece

Prince William Sound, Alaska

Do you have a list of fives? Link it up to

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Don’t Blink

Many times throughout a day I’ll look at the kids and wonder “When did THAT happen”. This could be how tall they are, how smart they are, how funny they are or how big their feet are. That last one is for Shaun, he’s going on 9 and his feet are as big as mine already.

Anyway, it seems like yesterday they were in diapers, sharing our bed or being pushed in a stroller. Here’s a brief peek at what runs through my head as I steal peeks at my beautiful babies.

a peek at how they grow, sabreena as a baby and preschooler and a teen
kids grow so fast, shaun as a newborn, shaun as a toddler, shaun as phineas
shae in a tutu, shae as a baby, she is growing so fast

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Project 52-Week 22

Welcome to my 22nd entry into Project 52. Project 52 is my attempt to post weekly updates on family, life, whatever goes on behind the blog. This is where we give you a peek into what goes on that we don’t get around to blog about.

project 52, weekly photos

This week is a mish mosh of stuff.


war wounds of crafting-a hot glue gun injury


flowers, bows, skirts and skulls, isn't that what every girl wears

Shae’s Bedtime Routine


bubble fun, it's the little things in life




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Project 52- Week 21

It’s the halfway point of the year. This is my 21st installment Project 52. This is my weekly update of what if going on in our lives behind the blog. So in case you were wondering what we did this week here ya go!

Last week was awesome. We went to Reviewers Retreat at Great Wolf Lodge in Pocono Mountains, PA. We met a great group of bloggers made some friends, learned some tips and tricks and overall had a fabulous time. Here’s a peek at the cool people we met.
Social Media extraordinaire Ted Rubin
Ted Rubin
Renee from What Mommies Need, we clicked like we knew each other for years
Rachel Ferrucci, we would totally be friends IRL if we didn’t have so many miles between us
Rachel Ferruci
The Double Duty Divas in person, Cecelia from Cool Baby Kid and Bridgette from Experimental Mommy
Double Duty Divas
Scavenger Hunt Team Hydro Plunge, Liz from a Nut in a Nutshell, Xenia from ThanksMailCarrier Nichol from Kiddies Corner Deals, Heather from Girl Gone Mom, Jennifer from MommaDandDaBoyz and of course me and Rob.
Hyrdo Plunge
Me and Rob 🙂
Pajama Party
My old pal Nichol from Kiddies Corner
Nicole - Kiddies Corner

My bloggy hero BlueViolet, yes her name is Liz but I will always call her BlueViolet 🙂
Liz-Nut in a Nutshell

If you want to see other Reviewers Retreat pics visit the official RR11 Flickr account.

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Project 52 – Week 19

I can’t believe this is the 19th Saturday of the year. Anyway, welcome to Project 52, a weekly update on our lives behind the blog. This is where I fill in the blanks for what goes on that we don’t always post about; random pictures and video that I want to share.

project 52, weekly photos

This week was quiet. Rob had lots of after work things to do so we didn’t go anywhere. We had 1 really really warm day, warm enough that I got Shae and Madi (my niece) outside with the water table. Other than that, not much to bring you up to speed on.

she literally passed out where she landed

is this a shrimp?

bright blue skies

shining sun

here are my 2 neices, Madi (the blonde) and Ella playing at the playground.


Share your Project 52 post, let’s see what you’ve been up to!




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Project 52 – Week 17

Welcome to my 17th week of Project 52. Project 52 is a weekly wrap-up of our lives.  Last year I tried to do Project 365 and I failed within a couple days.  This is a much better approach to give all of you a peek into our lives behind the blog.

project 52, weekly photos

A quiet week. The weather was spastic, rain, sun, rain, sun so we didn’t really go anywhere.  Last weekend Rob, Shaun, my bff Stacy and her husband and I went to a Philly Soul game; it was so much fun. The rest of the weekend was spent doing errands, taking Shae to soccer and me sleeping all day Sunday because I was sick.  Exciting HUH!

cuddle time with madi

this is our office space

shae named her rainbow alien


another alien and his transportation home

this is what happens when a teenager is bored




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Project 52 – Week 16

This is my 16th installment of Project 52, my attempt to capture our lives in a couple pictures once a week.

project 52, weekly photos

This week was a busy one again but not much that was picture worthy.  Last Sunday Shae, Sabreena and I went to see the Imagination Movers in concert and it was sa-weet!  I had so much fun but then again I love those guys and could watch them all day.  Other than that not much else to report, oh yeah except for our crafts 🙂

Imagination movers choo choo soul

final performance with choo choo soul


sabreena and shae dancing in the aisles


me and the lil one


the girl squad




more goofy


this is what i get when i give the 3yo the camera


dining room art gallery

What was your week like?




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Project 52 – Week 14

Welcome to my 14th installment of Project 52, my attempt to capture our lives in a couple pictures once a week.

We celebrated Shaun’s 8th birthday this week. The weather was gloomy and cold so there weren’t many opportunites for pictures outside but that made for a very crafty week. Shae and I did lots of crafts so i’m sharing the finished products with you. Many of them are inspired by GummyLump’s 300 Crafts for Kids Project and some by random ideas found online.

dinner at Red Robin

looky looky shaun got a Kinect

why does my 15 year old look 21 years old

soap from the kid's shower, what are they doing with it?

blinged out sunflower, check out her signature on the bottom

old school comes alive, pompom bear

fancy cuff bracelet

Hope this gives you a glimpse onto our lives behind the blog. If you are doing Project 52 this week leave your link in the comment so I can come check out your life.



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