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Kids & Skincare: A Look at What’s Appropriate and at What Age

Skin care

The skincare industry is one of the biggest and robust industries out there. Experts forecast that by the year 2021, the global skincare products industry will hit an incredible $135 billion. The industry is made up of all things skincare related such as creams, lotions, sun protection, anti-aging products, etc. Often it can start to feel like you can’t even flip a page in a magazine or go a few minutes without a commercial on TV advertising various skincare products. But here’s the thing, often those products are directed at adults, but what about the kids?

Just like adults can have skincare concerns, so too can kids. And it’s not just about concerns, it’s also about staple products like SPF protection and basic body cream and lotion. So, what exactly is ideal for kids to be using and at what age can they start with their own skincare regimen? Let’s take a closer look.

SPF Protection Needs to Be Used at All Times

One product that you don’t even want to think twice about your children using is SPF protection. In fact, from about the age of six months and older, SPF protection is important. Where the product differs in comparison to what you would use on yourself is that you probably want to pick a higher SPF level, and it’s usually best to go with a physical sunscreen. Physical sunscreen contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide unlike the chemical sunscreens.

The reason the physical sunscreen tends to be the better choice for kids is that it sits on the skin rather than being absorbed like the chemical version. This absorption can lead to an allergic reaction or skin irritation.

Facial Cleanser Can Be Introduced in the Pre-Teen Years

Facial cleanser is another staple product in any skincare routine and typically can be introduced between the ages of six and nine years of age. Depending on their skin you can opt for something like a clarifying facial cleanser or something gentler. They can also follow up the cleansing with a gentle toner. Toner is meant to balance the pH level of their skin.

Follow Up Cleansing with Moisturizer

Moisturizer can also be introduced at the same time a cleanser, but the type of moisturizer will differ as they get older. The first moisturizer can be something lightweight and gentle, sometimes even baby lotion is good enough. As they get a bit older their skin needs will change. They may start to develop oily skin which can lead to acne. This is when soothing lotion can help. As they enter into their teen years, a moisturizer that targets acne can also make sense.

Exfoliants, such as the ones you’ll find on Maple Prime which include the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator and the Clinique Exfoliating Scrub are also great to introduce in those early teen years, and is a product they can continue to use into their adult years.

Keep in Mind Their Needs Will Change

When it comes to kids and skincare, the most important thing to keep in mind is that starting early is ideal but their needs will change as they age, which means they will need to change up their routine and the products used.