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Hard Time Letting Go On Sunday

This weekend I allowed something to happen that I was nervous about for the entire 2.5 hours they were gone. I let Shaun go with Sabreena to the movies to see Rango on Sunday afternoon.

It wasn’t difficult because I don’t trust Sabreena because I totally do. She is 15 yrs old and goes out with friends alone all of the time after school and on the weekend. Maybe it is because Shaun is 7 yrs old (8 on March 31st) and that is why I was freaking out. Maybe it was because my two kids were out alone and I was freaking out that something might happen to them. Who knows, maybe I was just being way to over protective.

Melinda and I were home watching a DVD and numerous times I mentioned how I hoped the kids were ok and she told me they were fine. In my head I believed her but was still freaked out until I went to pick them up. Only after they were in the van was I able to calm down and able to be at ease.

They said the movie was awesome but I will be honest I am not sure if I will be able to let Shaun go to the movies alone with Sabreena again. I am not sure my heart or mind can handle it. LOL. I guess I am just that dad that finds it hard to let go.

Am I being crazy or do you think I was justified in my thoughts? Be honest here I can handle it. LOL.

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