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The Science Behind Pixar at The Franklin Institute Ticket Giveaway

For so many years our family has been enjoying The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. It isn’t just one of the oldest museums in the country, it’s the leading museum for innovation, science and technology. Known for it’s interactive learning and entertaining exhibits their newest, The Science Behind Pixar might be their best yet.
Sully and Mike at The Science Behind Pixar at the Franklin Institute

The Science Behind Pixar at the Franklin Institute ticket giveaway
The Science Behind Pixar is a behind the scenes look at how the movies are made beyond just humor and entertainment.  This exhibit focuses on the science, technology, engineering, math, artistry and creativity that goes into each scene. With over 40 interactive exhibits guests will have the opportunity to learn about the film-making process from where it all started, Toy Story to their latest box office hit, Inside Out.  You’ll be able to see and hear first hand what goes into creating some of Pixar’s most loved characters from members of the actual production teams. This demonstration of ultimate creativity, imagination and storytelling is something you don’t want to miss.
Exhibit Highlights:
  • In Sets & Cameras, visitors will discover how a bugs-eye view was achieved for A Bug’s Life by viewing an actual set from a bug’s perspective through a viewing portal and then using camera angles and large-set design techniques on a touch-screen computer.
  • Visitors will learn how Toy Story’s digital sculptures are created based on sketches from artists in Modeling.
  • Visitors will enter a scene from Finding Nemo in Lighting to solve challenges similar to what Pixar artists faced in creating animated water with virtual light.
  • Rigging showcases how the models are given a virtual skeleton to enable the animators to add movement. Here, visitors can see a virtual model of Sulley from Monsters, Inc., which has 30,000 posable points.
  • In Surfaces visitors can immerse themselves in the techniques behind adding color and texture to every surface in a film by designing “skins” for computer models of characters from Cars.

Science Behind Pixar at Franklin InstituteThe Science Behind Pixar at The Franklin Institute

March 12 – September 5, 2016
Daytime Tickets (Includes General Admission to The Franklin Institute) Adults $29.95; Children (ages 3-11) $24.95
Evening Tickets (Thursday-Saturday; 5pm-9pm)
Adults $19.95; Children (ages 3-11) $14.95
Use promo code MBPIXAR* to receive $5.00 off up to 4 adult, daytime tickets to The Science Behind Pixar. To redeem the code, contact The Franklin Institute at 215-448-1200 or visit
 The Franklin Institute
Our family has been invited to view the exhibit in the next coming weeks. We’ll share our experience on all of our social media channels and hope you follow along or visit The Franklin Institute if you have the chance. To make it easier for you to visit on your own we’re giving our readers a chance to win 4-pack of tickets to The Franklin Institute and The Science Behind Pixar.

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Goop A Lesson in Quicksand #StreamTeam

While showing Shae The Princess Bride for the first time this week, the three of us (kids) got into a discussion about what quicksand is and how it works after watching the scene when Buttercup sinks into the lightning sand. With the Netflix theme for this month being all about staying engaged during the summer, Shae and I decided to do a little experiment.
Goop, a Lesson in QuicksandThe next morning we set out to discover the science behind quicksand. I gathered the necessary supplies; cornstarch, water, a large bowl, some food coloring for extra fun and an array of victims.goop supplies
 We decided to move outside because this is a notoriously messy experiment. Shae helped me pour the two main ingredients into the larger bowl but we quickly realized that there wasn’t nearly enough quicksand for a good experiment. What started out as a carefully measured experiment soon became me dumping a ton of cornstarch into a bowl and adding water in a splash at a time until we decided it was perfect. Adding the food coloring was a lot more difficult than I thought because the goo was so thick. I suggest that you add it to the water before you pour it in to guarantee even mixing.
 Goop Mixing
Then we began subjecting our victims to the quicksand. First we killed the dinosaurs, then we sent a diver in to save them. We galloped some horses across the surface and then watched them slowly sink like that scene in A Neverending Story. I had Shae punch the surface and feel how oddly solid it was. We rolled the goo into balls and then watched them melt on the table.goop sinking
I’m not entirely sure if Shae learned anything but it sure was a lot of fun. Cleaning up was a pain because Shae was covered up to her elbows in caked cornstarch.
goop hands
Netflix Stream Team