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Toob Time

When Shaun entered the 2 year old class in daycare back in 2005 the teachers were impressed with his animal recognition and sounds.

Typically kids know cat, dog, cow and bird but he could recognize an iguana, zebra, walrus and sloth. While I’d like to take the credit for this braniac moment it wasn’t me. I had Animal Toobs to thank. Purchasing these toobs actually goes back to little Sabreena. We would pick them up at zoos, museum gift shops and often stuff her stocking with one come Christmas. By the time Shaun came around we had already accumulated a grand collection. He truly played with them and we ended up losing a good amount of them by the time Shae got to them. We’ve been adding to the collection again. Here you see we opened up a Farm Toob from They are an inexpensive and educational gift for kids of any age especially since they come in a variety of themes like Pirate, Coral Reef and Dinosaurs. Whatever the obsession of the week is I’m sure there is a Toob for it.

Shamu, not a Toob animal but they live together

A great way to learn animal names and sounds

it was a rainy day so we brought the water table inside, empty

horse and farm animals


Thanks to for including me in your DotCom.Mom Program and sending great toys for my kids to try out. The Toobs were and always are a hit. Visit for great prices on Toobs, Melissa and Doug and Arts and Craft Supplies for kids.


I Disclose

Boutique Clothes for Babies and Kids plus #giveaway

Spring is here and that means Shae gets to wear dresses, skirts and sandals again; she’s grown tired of sweaters and fleece. Her latest outfit from My Baby Clothes Boutique has ribbons and flowers and NO SLEEVES.

My Baby Clothes Boutique is an online shop for your little one’s entire wardrobe; baby hats and tutus all the way to boy’s suits and diaper bags. Shae’s Christmas dress and Easter outfit came from their great selection of dressy, ruffly, frilly and embellished toddler and baby clothes.


Their sizes run from infant to toddler; typically up to size 3. The few size 4 items that they do carry have been BIG hits with Shae. I wish there were more choices though, Shae might be tall but she’s still just 31/2 years old. The Mud Pie collection is my favorite but just not big enough for my big little girl.


tutu outfit

A big shout out to their customer service too! I had sizing questions about an outfit and they were there to help with no problem at all!
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I Disclose

Why Isn’t NO Good Enough?

In our house the word NO for some reason doesn’t mean NO and I am not totally sure why that is.  My kids hear the word No but insist on asking the same question again minutes later thinking the answer is going to be different.

Example: Last night Shaun asked to play Xbox 360 and Melinda told him No because he played Wii for about an hour earlier in the evening.  It couldn’t have been a minute later and he asked the same thing again.  Then maybe five minutes passed before asking again.  At this point I was pissed and I told him if he kept it up he wasn’t going to get dessert.  Melinda and I ran to Wawa for coffee and I needed gas in my car.  When we got back from Wawa can you believe Shaun asked to play Xbox 360 again and this time I flew off the deep end and sent him to bed.

Maybe I was a bit extreme in sending him to bed an hour early but in a 30 minute period he asked to play Xbox 360 four times when he already knew the answer was No.  I hate when we tell the kids No to something and they disregard our answer and ask again.  I feel like it is total disrepect for us as parents.

I don’t tell my kids No for no reason or just to be mean. Believe it or not we usually have a good reason for telling them No.  Also, this post focused on something Shaun did but believe me Shae does the same crap often as well. I am only pointing out Shaun because it just happened and is fresh in my mind.

My hope is some day my kids understand No really means No and not to ask the same thing minutes later.  I am sure I am dreaming but I need something to look forward to don’t I?

Why are toddlers so unreasonable?

I asked this question yesterday on Twitter. I wasn’t looking for an answer I was just kind of venting a little bit. She turned 2 a couple weeks back and instantly we had to implement time-out because her little baby crying episodes turned into full-blown temper tantrums with ear piercing shrieking, stomping, hitting and falling to the floor. Yesterday’s episode actually made me laugh. It was lunchtime and she asked for banana, no biggie, I gave her one. The second I put it in her hand she walked over to the trash can to toss it. I grabbed it and said no. The switch was flipped and the freak out began.

At that moment my phone rang and it was one of my best friends who I haven’t talked to and I didn’t want to blow her off. I went to the basement, closed the door behind me and proceeded to talk for a few minutes. My friend could hear Shae screaming the whole time and laughed it off, she has kids and knows how it can be . I felt bad because I had to cut the conversation a little short but I had to deal with Shae. I opened the basement door and she calmed down and asked for the banana again. I asked her if she was going to eat it and she said YES very enthusiastically. The switch was turned off. That quickly it was all over. I deal with this craziness everyday. I try to stay calm and console her if she’s upset or put her in time-out if she’s being mean but I really wanted to lock myself in the basement for the rest of the day.

Look at this sweet face, it’s the devil in disguise.