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5 Advantages of Introducing Toy Rotation

Last week, I talked about how toy rotation can help you tame the chaos that toys create – in your house and in your life. I thought it was a good idea to talk in-depth about the advantages it can have for you, your home, and your child. Honestly, the advantages are more so for the parents, let’s face facts – toddlers don’t care!


Anyway, there are lot of advantages of introducing this method in your playtime routine or the way you manage the playroom and even your budget. Let’s get to them one by one.

1. Less Clutter

When all the toys are out at the same time, it is easy for the child to keep pulling out toys whenever they get bored with one. And they do get bored quite easily so you end up with no floor space to walk. Have you ever stepped on legos? If yes, then you know the pain. The toys can be ruthless to us. It sure makes your life easier to have fewer toys accessible.

2. Budget-Friendly

When your child is born and as they keep growing, you are bound to receive many toys as presents – add those to the overly enthusiastic shopping you did when you were pregnant. You anyway have way too many toys than your child could play with. So, why not store some and keep only a few out and when the child starts getting bored, you can bring out the stored toys and they will have new toys to play with.

Store the ones they were already playing with, chances are that they will forget most of them and you can reintroduce these toys later. Yes to saving money by not having to buy new toys.

3. Ahh! Organized Playroom

Keeping the playroom organized can be a task. When you have kids keeping the whole house organized can be a task. They are little hurricanes, wreaking havoc wherever they go.  Limited number of things lets you keep the place organized and also lets you store the toys after playtime. It makes cleaning up easier and it’s also easy to remember what is stored where.

4. Secret Weapons – Bribes!

Bribing isn’t good. But, there are some days, when all you want is a little peace and quiet. Having ready bribes to keep the tiny minds busy can be a savior. On difficult days, just get out one new toy from the storage and hand it to the kid to leave you alone, or maybe to make them put on the dress you got them to take cute pictures, or to maybe make them eat their vegetables.

5. Rewards

I am a firm believer in rewarding good behavior. When they do something particularly nice, having gifts handy can be a great thing. It helps boost their morale. It also encourages them to do more things that will help them earn new toys. This also makes them appreciate toys more because they know that they weren’t just given the toys but they earned it. If they have worked for the toy, they will obviously love it more and take care of it more.