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Fun Facts about #CruisingCarnival

Carnival Cruise Lines have been in the business of FUN for over 40 years. Based in Miami it’s ships tour the globe with cruises to Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, the Caribbean and places in between.

A Carnival Cruise Ship is like a city at sea. There are enough amenities to keep even the busiest person occupied and entertained for days. You all know about the endless eating options, live shows, casinos and excursions but there’s more the the Fun Ships that you may not have known about.Towel Animals on Carnival Cruise Line #cruisingcarnival

Fun Facts about #CruisingCarnival

  • Carnival Cruise Lines is the most popular cruise line with more than 24 ships operating 3 to 18 day voyages
  • A Carnival Cruise is truly a family friendly vacation with activities for kids age 2 to teen
  • Some of the most loved staff are the Stewards. They are the ones that create those cute towel animals (Towel Animal classes are available, check with Guest Relations)
  • Schedule a “Behind the Fun” tour where you can see the bridge, engine control room and backstage area to get an up close and personal look at the operations
  • During Signature Dining, if you can’t decide between 2 entrees or appetizers just order both
  • In one week Carnival Fantasy guests will consume 36,000 slices of bacon, mmmmmm bacon
  • The staff to guest ratio is sometimes as low at 1:3 making for a truly personable, attentive sailing
  • The on-board pools are filled daily with filtered salt water from the sea
  • The Serenity Adult Retreat is the perfect kid-free zone for ultimate relaxation and peace
  • The on-board fitness centers are included voyage with the exception of instructor led classes and spa treatments
  • Leave the ball gowns, tuxedos and fancy shoes at home. It’s called a FUN SHIP for a reasonOnboard Salt Water Pools Carnival Cruise #cruisingcarnival

We’re out into the Atlantic Ocean right on our way to days filled with smiles, sun, memories and FUN.  Wish you were here.

10 Essentials to Pack for a Cruise Vacation

Your bags are packed.  You’ve followed the guidelines on dress code and think you understand what it means by formal attire. You have just enough shoes for any occasion without being too many. You’ve secured all of your toiletries in mini bags to avoid spillage. Now you’re ready to go. But are you really? We’re so used to having everything handy in our daily life that we don’t think about packing them for vacation.  Take a peek at these 10 essentials to bring on a cruise vacation to see what else you should pack for your next adventure. 10 Essentials when Packing for a Cruise Vacation

10 Essentials when Packing for a Cruise Vacation

  • Beach bag or tote to carry camera, book, beach towels and sunscreen on the ship or to your excursions
  • Nightlight, when those curtains are drawn and the sun has set it can get mighty dark in those rooms
  • Small wallet/purse or Lanyard for key cards & identification
  • Over the Door Pocket Organizer
    to hold cosmetics, toiletries, brushes, curling irons and medications instead of clogging up small counters

10 Essentials when Packing for a Cruise Vacation

  • Lightweight or mesh bag to keep dirty laundry separate on the way home.
  • Medication and not just prescriptions. Think about upset stomachs, headaches, allergy relief and even cough meds just in case.
  • Extra Sunscreen, that tropical sun is fierce so bring along more than you think you’ll need.
  • Notepad and pen to leave notes for your traveling companions, children or room steward.
  •  It’s no fun overpaying for something on vacation that you already have at home.  Packing a few extra essentials will keep your budget on track so you can spend money on the fun things like fruity drinks with umbrellas or slot machines.

luggage photo provided via Flickr by Thor