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12 Ways to Keep Kids Occupied At Weddings

Weddings are a special occasion. It is special for the bride and groom that have decided to spend the rest of their lives together, it is special for the families getting together after a long time and reconnecting with each other, and it can also be a special occasion for the cute little kids attending the ceremony if we put in a little effort to keep them occupied. It is too much to expect children to remain quiet during the wedding ceremony, as they would prefer to play games and eat candy instead. While planning for a wedding, we should not do so by keeping only the adult guests in mind. It is important to invest time and resources into ensuring that our little guests are equally comfortable! However, we have made your work a lot easier by putting together a list of things you can do at your wedding to keep the kids entertained, and not cranky. It doesn’t cost much to set up a play area for the kids, or arrange a few kid-friendly snacks! Given below is a list of 12 things you can do to keep the kids occupied at weddings.

1. A bouncing castle

Kids can get easily bored during a wedding ceremony, so having a bouncing castle set up on site is a great way to keep the little ones occupied! Have a few teenagers take turns to keep an eye on the kids, and be assured that they will have the time of their lives!

2. Crayons at their table!

This is an absolutely adorable idea that instantly brightens up the kids table! Have tiny cylindrical cups with crayons placed on the table for each child, along with a bunch of coloring books. These are bound to make the little ones happy and quiet during the ceremony!

3. Kid-friendly food

You can be assured that fancy finger food will not impress kids. They are also your guests, and it is important to include some kid-friendly items in the menu. Keep in mind that milk and cookies, hot dogs and candy are their favorite!

4. Appoint a babysitter

The best way for both adults and kids to have a good time at the wedding is if there is a trusted babysitter to take care of the children. Have the sitter seated at the kids table, or kid’s room where she can keep an eye on the kids. In this way, the parents can enjoy themselves without any worry!

5. Bubble Station

This is one idea that is bound to get the little ones super excited! How adorable does this bubble station look? This is perfect for an outdoor wedding or reception, so the kids can be occupied for hours!

6. A “Cookies & Milk” Bar

During the day, there might be a long gap between meals when the ceremony is going on. Kids start to get hungry quickly, and what will make them more excited than their favorite cookies and milk? I absolutely love this table of cookies; with so many varieties and the eye-catching labels! If you make your “Cookies & Milk” bar so impressive, then the adults might also start stealing from the cookie jar!

To complement the delicious cookies is this lovely milk station. Include different flavors like chocolate, strawberry and soy milk! The milk can be served in these adorable little milk bottles. A long queue of excited kids is bound to be formed at this counter!

7. Kids love to dance!

Have a time slot for only the kids to dance. They are bound to love it!

8. I-SPY!

Kids love games, and the best way to keep them occupied during the
long wedding ceremony is by engaging them in a game of i-spy. Equip each child with a disposable camera, and a list of all the things
that they need to take pictures of! The kids will be really excited, and bonus- you get great pictures from your wedding!

9. Popcorn Bar

For many years, popcorn has been an effective tool to keep us quiet during movies. During the solemn wedding ceremony, nothing can be more awkward that the sound of sulky whining kids who are bored. The best way to keep them entertained is having them equipped with a tub of popcorn with amazing toppings! How cute does this easy-to-set-up popcorn bar look?

10. Fun centerpieces

Nothing can get kids more excited than Lego! Have a bowl of Lego at each kids table and be assured that they will be occupied when the best man makes his toast! You can also grab their attention with this adorable lollipop centerpiece!

11. Games!

You can set up both indoor and outdoor games to keep the little ones engaged while the adults socialize. For an outdoor activity, you can arrange for a ring-toss game or a friendly game of tug-of-war for the kids. For an indoor set-up, you could set up tables with board games like this one!

12. Set up a kids-only zone

Setting up a kids-only zone is a wonderful idea because the kids have their own space to have fun. You could appoint a known babysitter to stay with the kids at all times. While the adults are dancing and enjoying themselves all night long, the kids can huddle up and watch a movie, or take nap.