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WW – Do I Really Look Like Fart Bart Dude?

Do you think Fart Bart Dude and I could be twins?  I remember the day Shaun and Sabreena created him and named him.  The name started out as Fart Bart and Shae added Dude so now I am Fart Bart Dude. LOL.

Fart Bart Dude


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Wordful Wednesday-It’s Just Us

Here we are, a rare picture of us together and I think it’s a pretty good one. I’m on my tippy toes so Rob didn’t have to bend down since I’m such a shortie. This is us in Galveston, TX at the Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid.

just us this time

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Wordless Wednesday – This Is How Cheap I Am

Or maybe this is just how lazy I am who know. I hate going clothes shopping so I literally wear my clothes until they fall apart like you can tell from these two pictures. Those jeans we borderline inappropriate to wear at work so last night I needed to go out and buy a new pair. Also, I forgot how expensive jeans are. LOL. That is the cheap in me.

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Wordful Wednesday-Battling In The Park

Sunday Melinda and I were driving by our local park on our way home and we spotted this. Melinda immediately starting laughing and turned around just to get this picture.  They were in full battle when this picture was taken.

This picture will be even more funny to you if you ever saw the movie Role Models with Sean Williams, Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks.

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My Boy Sam

My boy Sam loves cuddling in his crate with his blanket.  He is cute just like his father.

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Our Tiny Dancer- Wordful Wednesday

What an adorable little ballerina/tap dancer?

What you don’t see in these pictures is Shae having a complete meltdown as soon it was time to go into class. Once she realized that I WAS NOT going with her the waterworks started and she literally was clinging to the walls as I tried to get her to enter the dance room. It took about 15 minutes for her to calm down and get involved. At that moment she turned to me sitting in the corner on my smartphone and said, “You can go now mommy”. I sat up with my mouth wide open and and bolted before she changed her mind. The owner/teacher, Vicky, said she had never seen such a dramatic change in attitude. She’s used to seeing children take weeks to get over that kind of freak out! Shae did great overall and was involved and paid attention and is looking forward to next week.

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Lady Shae Shae – Wordless Wednesday

This was taken this weekend at a friend’s house. The girls at the party dressed Shae up and she performed Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae. This song right now is by far her favorite song. She said she would only perform if everyone turned their head.  We didn’t and she still performed and did an awesome job.  Lady Shae Shae is too cute!

Sorry that the picture is a little blurry!

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Wordful Wednesday- Introducing Sam

So the Monday I had a bug up my butt that I wanted a dog. I figured the kids got gecko’s and Melinda got fish so I wanted a dog.  I searched shelters, the SPCA and craigslist and decided to get Sam who is a 10-12 week old Lab/Boxer mix. This whole searching thing took maybe twelve hours then I made the decision on Sam. When we meet Sam’s owner Sam was barely out of the car and Shaun was already saying “I want him.” So far he is awesome but a ton of work, right now we are in the training stage.  Crate and bathroom and boy is it a lot of work but in the end it will so be worth it because he is such a cute dog and I can tell he is going to be an awesome friend.

Sam is a great addition to our family and we are glad we got him. I am sure you will be seeing more posts about him over time.

punishment for bad behavior

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We Caved – Not So Wordless Wednesday

So we broke down after about 6 years with no pets and this past weekend got not one but two geckos and a 29 gallon fish tank.  Our plan was to go to the pet store and get just a fish tank but after looking at the geckos the kids pretty much begged for them well Sabreena did at least.  So Saturday night I was up until 11pm or so setting up the gecko tank. On Sunday we needed to go back to the pet store to get crickets for Brown and Biscuit (yup that is what the kids named the geckos) and while there I sort of talked Melinda into a fish tank.  I know on Saturday she really wanted one but the kids got their way instead.  So now everyone got their way and is now happy which means we went from ZERO pets to a bunch all in one weekend.

biscuit and brown




redtail shark

good gecko

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Wordless Wednesday-Football Practice

Shaun is in his 2nd week and practice. He’s looking good!

doing the karaoke-it keeps the groin loose

running sprints

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