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Is Eating At McDonald’s Really Fiscally Responsible?

Wednesday night Shaun and I went to the men’s basketball game at the University of Delaware and had a great time but I heard one thing while we were at the game that really bothered me.

There was a lady next to me with her daughter who was about four and her son who was Shaun’s age so he was around eight. I saw the daughter eating some form of candy and sharing it with her brother. What was disturbing about this scene was the son asked his mother if she could buy another bag of candy for him and the mother was complaining about the $1.75 price and had the nerve to say that she wasn’t being fiscally responsible. The reason I say this is because in the next breath she told her kids buying a $1.99 happy meal from McDonald’s was fiscally responsible because they could get more food for their money where with the candy they only got a small portion.

Now I am from the school of getting the most bang for your buck. I get duped every time Melinda and I go to the movies because the different between a small, medium and large drink and popcorn is only about 50 cents so I always go for the large. So based on this I agree you should try to get the most bang for your buck but even though McDonald’s may be fiscally responsible is that being health responsible? I think NOT!!!!!!! I think we are in a bad place when we use McDonald’s as our example of being fiscally responsible. Why not something a little healthier like Sub Way or something along those lines.

Don’t get me wrong I am not the best eater at times but we don’t eat at place like McDonald’s or Burger King and I would never tell my kids we weren’t being fiscally responsible because we weren’t eating there.

I Disclose

Bad Mommy Moment

I had my 1st really bad mommy moment with Shae.
I was standing at the screen door waving bye to the little girls I watch. They got in their car so I turned away and pushed the door closed and locked it. I stood in the foyer for several seconds as Sabreena was walking towards. We talked for a couple seconds and I glanced around looking for Shae and then I heard a muffled talking. I turned towards the closet knowing she likes to grab hats out of the basket of winter gear. At that exact moment I realized what I had done. I closed and locked the door with Shae still looking out of the screen door. I yelled for Rob as I was opening the door but actually couldn’t stop laughing. She wasn’t affected, she was still waving to the girls but it broke my heart that I would do that to her. I didn’t even know she was standing at the door and she’s such a shortie that I turned around and didn’t noticed her standing there. So go ahead and pass the award my way, I deserve it.