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Bathroom Redo DONE Olympic Paints #BringontheColor Campaign

Some of you may have read HERE how I was selected for the #BringontheColor campaign from Olympic Paints.  It means we got the opportunity to redo a room in our house .  Melinda and I selected our master bathroom because not only was it the most hideous room in the house with the ugliest dark red walls it is the worlds smallest master bathroom. In fact we have 2 of the smallest bathrooms in the world, including the powder room, with the same ugly blood walls.


I may have mentioned once or twice or three times how much I dislike painting but I will say that the final product turned out awesome.  Melinda and I went to Lowe’s and spent at least an hour maybe two looked through all of the colors that Olympic Paints had to offer.  After grabbing a TON of color sample swatches we agreed on “keepsakes” which is part of the blues collection.  We made sure we picked something that would brighten the room to help get away from the dark closet feeling.



It also made me feel good knowing that if I didn’t like the color or quality of the paint Lowe’s had my back with the Paint Pledge Program.

  • Lowe’s has your back with their paint pledge, and they’ll do whatever it takes to help you find the perfect paint.
  • Lowe’s will refund customers who are dissatisfied with their paint for any reason, as long as the customer returns the paint in its original container within 30 days. Reason for return may include being unhappy with the quality or color, among others.
  • Valid on interior and exterior liquid paint purchases 4/3/16-8/9/16

Honestly anything would have brightened up our dungeon bathroom but this color really impressed once on the wall.  The color ended up bluer and brighter on our walls compared to the swatch but it immediately, with the first roll of the brush, made the room brighter and more modern. The finished product left a tine bathroom that no longer felt claustrophobic. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a boring or outdated room.

Inspiration Board for Bathroom Remodel with Olympic Paint at Lowe's Home Improvement

To be honest at first I was leary on the color because I was worried it was going to take four or five coats of paint to cover up our red walls but it only took two coats. The entire room, top to bottom was painted in one day thanks to the tag team effort of Melinda and I. The bathroom, weeks later, is still refreshing to walk into every morning. We have some decorating to do. I’m waiting for Melinda to pick new art, shelving and accessories so I can install but the hard work is done. Thanks to Olympic Paint this was a pretty painless home improvement project.

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Disclosure: This post is a sponsored by The Motherhood and Olympic Paints but all thoughts are 100% my own. 

Time For a Bathroom Redo with Olympic Paints #BringontheColor Campaign

We have lived in our current house for just about six years and other than a hallway, a bedroom and some touchups we haven’t repainted much but it’s about time our master bath get a fresh coat of paint.  It’s the most god awful blood red color. Worst of all it’s badly painted. There are streaks, drip marks and things stuck in the paint. For this project we are calling on Olympic Paints from Lowe’s Home Improvement.

I can say that I am not a fan of painting at all in fact I would rather do just about anything before painting but I realized our bathroom is too dark and needs a makeover ASAP.  Yesterday Melinda and I took a ride over to Lowe’s and we hit the color center to see what kinds of colors Olympic paints had to offer and we came home with a few options. If you aren’t sure where to find Olympic paints in your area click HERE.


Exclusively at Lowe’s, the Olympic Paints and Stains Color Center allows people to browse paints and stains in one place. The colors are organized to make finding and comparing shades easier than ever. With Olympic Paints and Stains, you can trust that your home’s colors will look great and last for years to come.  I really liked how the Olympic display was setup at our Lowe’s.  It was really easy to find paint chips and I also love that they have room brochures that get your creative juices flowing.  The room brochures were arranged to allow shopping in 3 simple ways: Color (through all of the chips); Lifestyle (through the lifestyle brochures); Project (room and project brochures).


I took a bathroom  project brochure and a kitchen one since that is most likely the next paint project after our bathroom.  I am not sure about other paints but I know no matter what color you are looking for, the Olympic Paints and Stains Color Center makes it easy to find it.  I picked the colors I liked for our bathroom and Melinda did the same and now we will try to come to an agreement on what color to use, LOL wish us luck.


I wasn’t really sure what to expect before walking into Lowe’s yesterday but after spending about an hour looking at all of the different color options I am getting excited about repainting our bathroom, I can’t believe that I am saying that but it is so overdue that I am ready to dive into this project head first. Melinda will ultimately decide on the best color scheme. This is her inspiration along with making sure it coordinates with the bedroom.

Inspiration Board for Bathroom Remodel with Olympic Paint at Lowe's Home Improvement

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Disclosure: This post is a sponsored by The Motherhood and Olympic Paints but all thoughts are 100% my own. 


Courtesy Flush – Do You Know What It Means

I have been thinking about writing this post for a while and for some reason was holding back but after another incident that happened over the weekend I need to get this out.

Why do my kids not know the meaning of a courtesy flush? Let me explain but I must warn you this may get a little graphic.

To me the meaning of a courtesy flush is while you are going #2 in a public restroom, while at work, at families or even a friends you give a flush after #2 but before you wipe. Now depending on how long you are going #2 you may want to give a flush half way through going #2 so you would actually flush twice during the process. Reason being is you are trying to minimize everyone else from having to deal with the smell and you are avoiding clogging the toilet. For you eco-friendly people here now is not the time to worry about trying to conserve water because you are serving a greater good.

Ok, now that I have laid the ground rules for what and how a courtesy flush works why do my kids not do it? It seems like at least one or twice a week my kids clog the toilet. Now you would think it would be Shae since she is the youngest and has no concept of how much TP is too much but nope it is the oldest one. Shaun doesn’t even clog the toilet as much as Sabreena and the thing that kills me is even after they clog the toilet they don’t tell me it is clogged they just leave it for someone else to find. The other day Shae yelled “Dad the toilet is filling up with water” so I go look at it was clogged. Who was in the bathroom before Shae? Anyone? Yup you guessed it Sabreena. She is 16 years old so I know she can plunge a toilet but nope she leaves that little magical gem for someone else to deal with and when I ask her she told me it flushed. Really? How did it flush for her and almost overflow for Shae?

The thing that really threw me over the edge a week or so ago was Shaun was in the main bathroom so Sabreena needed to go and without asking went and used my bathroom. First off I like the kids to ask if they need to use my bathroom because you need to cut through my bedroom to get to the bathroom plus it is my own personal bathroom. Ok, so Sabreena couldn’t wait I guess so she used my bathroom without asking and then clogged my toilet. Really? How do you use my bathroom without asking then clog it, don’t plunge it and you don’t even tell me about it until I go to use it for #2. Not sure why but I have this habit of flushing the toilet before I use it and thankfully I did because I would have had a nasty disaster on my hands.

Now I am not saying that Sabreena is the only one who clogs the toilets in the house because Shaun has done his fair share as well but Sabreena’s occured more recently.

Also, just so you all know I don’t even clog the toilets in the house as much as Sabreena and Shaun do and I am a 38 year old grown man.

You know why I don’t clog the toilet folks, because I know the how the courtesy flush works and I use it!!!!!!!

Use the Finest toilet paper for septic tanks which are free from toxic chemicals and are easy to flush.

I Disclose

Simplehuman Is The Answer!!

Soap dispensers are essential in the bathroom and kitchen but I hate using disposable ones for two reasons. One they are ugly and two they are wasteful. This is where simplehuman steps in with their senor pump to save the day.

Simplehuman takes the ugly out of soap dispensers and they are refillable so it make them eco-friendly and economical. We received the 14oz brushed nickel senor pump and I must admit I likey. They are easy to use and you are able to adjust how much soap you want dispensed with the push of the + or – on the top of the dispenser. It is hand free which is awesome for the kids and it has a clear soap chamber so you can see when the soap is running low. Only drawback in my opinion it is runs on 4AA batteries and I have three of these so I needed twelve batteries. Other then that I love them.

The sensor pump is the perfect tool for dispensing soap, lotion or sanitizer in the bathroom or at the kitchen sink without worry of cross-contamination. We actually have one in our bathroom, one in the kid’s bathroom and one in the kitchen. The ones in the bathroom we use regular hand soap but the one in the kitchen we actually fill it will dishwashing soap so now we don’t have the ugly bottle sitting on the back of the sink.

Simplehuman makes everyday products like soap dispensers and trash cans more efficient for the busy person’s everyday like. Go over to Simplehumn and checkout their other entire product line you will be glad you did.

This is a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Your experiences and reactions may differ from ours.

Chose from 1 of 5 Price Pfister Faucets Being Given Away!

People say the kitchen is one of the most important “rooms” in the house and I tend to agree so when I was contact by Price Pfister  to review one of three bathroom faucets or one of two kitchen faucets I chose the kitchen faucet.

We had a Glacier Bay kitchen faucet that wasn’t in the best working order so I was excited when I received the Ashfield Pull-down Kitchen Faucet.  They offer the Ashfield Pull-down Kitchen Faucet in a 2 or 4 hole design with a matching soap dispenser.  It comes in three finishes: Stainless Steel, Rustic Bronze and Tuscan Bronze which brings a bit of vintage décor to any home.  We opted for the Stainless Steel and I must admit it looks sharp with our sink and counter top configuration.  It was easy to install and works awesome. We have deep sinks and I like that you can pull the faucet out to clean the sink and when you are done it clicks back into place so it isn’t just dangling like our old faucet did.


Price Pfister has been trusted since 1910 as a leader in the plumbing industry for nearly a century.  They offer so many kitchen and bath faucets as well as shower heads and bath accessories you will be certain to find something that matches your taste.  Price Pfister backs every product with a guarantee of quality that covers both finish and function for life.  How can you go wrong with a product that is so certain of its craftsman ship it will guarantee it for life!  Price Pfister strives to offer the best design, quality, service and value.


I know there are a lot of different kitchen and bath faucet manufactures on the market but I am serious when I say Price Pfister in my opinion is the best and offers the best selection of products.

Ok, now it’s time to win a Price Pfister faucet of your own. Please select from one of the five faucets listed below and tell me which one you want to receive if you win.

Kitchen Faucets:

  1. Avanti Pull-down Kitchen Faucet
  2. Ashfield Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

Bathroom Faucets:

  1. Contempra
  2. Selia
  3. Ashfield Trough Faucet


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Remodeling the Powder Room

We’ve been doing some repairs and upgrades around the house lately.  Sabreena’s room was painted, the front yard has been weeded and we’ve been patching up holes. The latest project was adding bathroom furniture to the smallest powder room.

It’s painted red (that’s a post for another day) with a tight fit and no storage.  We got a cabinet to hide cleaners and the extra toilet paper.  The basket on the back of the toilet is a bit more decorative but holds necessities like hand towels and air fresheners.

We went with white accessories and furniture because of the dark red paint and white trim. The retro stainless steel faucet and pedestal sink tie everything together very nicely for an attractive final look.

This is a sponsored post  but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Your experiences and reactions may differ from ours

The Dawn Of The Disgusting Public Restroom

I have no idea what inspired this post but for some reason as of last I am not cool with public restrooms for anything more then a quick pee. What makes it ok to go to the bathroom with only a tiny flimsy wall between the stalls that doesn’t even go from the ceiling to the floor? Nothing better then looking to your left or right and seeing someone’s pants and underwear all the way down to their ankles. WTF! Also, I am a tall guy so when I stand up to pull up my pants you know the persons next to me can see my head towering over the stall, again WTF!

At home we have a door that we close and one toilet and we have a little privacy (well, most of us do anyway). Why do I want to hear the guy next to me going to the bathroom and farting up a storm? GROSS.

I am actually cracking up while writing this post! I am so immature!

I understand the need for the public restroom but I wish it was a bunch of toilets enclosed like a port o potty but only cleaner. Actually now I think of it the bathroom on the floor where I work is disgusting to the tenth power. Today is a good example where someone took a crap and stopped up the toilet and didn’t have a plunger and I swear the brown nasty water was an inch from the top of the toilet about to spill all over the floor. People are so nasty and gross. The person who did that at work wouldn’t have just left that mess in their own bathroom at home so why do it at work.

Oh well what are you going to do. I will still continue to use public restroom because I have to but no one said I had to enjoy using them.

How do you feel about public restrooms?